#SHSUHeartHealth celebrated at RSC

The Recreational Sports Center will host daily events and offer a few free fitness classes this week to celebrate the Hearth Health week.

February is Heart Health Month, so the RSC chose to raise awareness the week prior to Valentine’s Day through different heart healthy activities.

This is the second year that the RSC has celebrated Heart Health Week.

Graduate Assistant to the Fitness Department Jayna Evans said two fitness classes that are offered for free this week are Turbo Kick and Insanity.

“Our Insanity and TurboKick classes are free this week because they are the classes that are the most challenging to the cardiovascular system,” Evans said. “Since it is Heart Health Week, we thought these two classes would be great for the heart.”

Associate Director of Recreational Sports Melissa Fadler explained the two different social media campaigns that students can currently participate in.

“We will be doing an Instagram campaign #SHSUHeartHealth where those that submit photos with that tagline will be eligible for prizes,” Fadler said. “We will also be doing Snap Chat contests throughout the week.”

To get information on the daily events you must follow the RSC on the social media accounts Instagram and Snap Chat @SHSURecSports.

T- Shirts will be the main prize given to those who participate. There will be two different shirts offered for the two social media campaigns. The table where you pick up your prizes, get more information about your heart and how it works, is in the RSC lobby.

According to RSC employee Isaac Tamyo, to receive a prize for the Snap Chat events, students must pick up a piece of paper with a heart on it from the employees at the RSC. Some of the activities that are on the hearts include ‘do five sit ups’, ‘spot your friend’ and ‘before and after picture.’

“You post the heart on your Snap Chat story and then you post yourself actually doing the activity and you just come show me your story and I will give you a t-shirt,” Tamyo said.

To receive a prize for the Instagram contest, students must follow the same rules as the Snap Chat contest.

“With Instagram, you post anything active or healthy that you are doing, like eating something healthy or any sort of workout and then use the hashtag #SHSUHeartHealth on your picture,” Tamyo said.

Also at the table is information about current and upcoming events that the fitness department will host, such as the 5K in March and fitness classes.

“We wanted them all to be focused on heart health and good feelings,” Fadler said.

For the final day of events, Valentine’s Day, students can join the outdoor crew at the rock wall for the program ‘Love Rocks!’ from 6-9 p.m.

“In celebration for Valentine’s Day passholders can bring a friend for some free climbing and non-passholders can bring their friend for only $5,” Fadler said.

To get any more information on Heart Health week visit the RSC website: http://www.shsu.edu/dept/recreational-sports/


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