Reviews with Ray: Deadpool

Deadpool is a thrill ride of laughs, violence and love. Ryan Reynolds stars as the titular character, and it is evident that he had fun with the character.

Reynolds has been a main force behind the creation of the movie since his lackluster appearance as Deadpool in 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

The writers embraced the lore of Deadpool to make a truly faithful adaptation.

One of the better parts of Deadpool, as a character, is that he knows he is a fictional character, in a fictional world. This allows him to break the fourth wall and talk directly to the audience. Reynolds uses these moments to explain important information to the audience, transition to flashbacks and deliver jokes that the other people in the movie are not clued into. There are even moments in the movie where other characters question who Deadpool talks to, and he just points at the camera.

This movie is not for the younger audiences, as the violence, language and sexual content is over the top. This is a movie for fans of the character or people who can enjoy a non-traditional, sometimes zany film.

The jokes in the movie are hit or miss. Some of them bring genuine laughs, some are for fans and others just fall flat.

The action of the movie is something straight out of a comic. The fight scenes are filled with comic relief that allow the film to keep on at a nice pace.

The film’s romance is also non-traditional. A montage early in the movie sets up the relationship between Deadpool and his love, Vanessa, in one of the most NSFW (not safe for work) ways possible.

Deadpool and the X-Men film rights are owned by 20 Century Fox, which means that X-Men characters can appear in the movie. The writers use this to establish that Deadpool exists alongside the X-Men, but that he is his own character. It would be hard for Fox to put Deadpool in their other X-Men movies for more than a cameo because of the violent nature of the character.

Deadpool is a movie made with love for all people who love the homicidal, crazy titular character.

Deadpool may become the most profitable R rated film of the year as it broke records opening weekend with a global box office of $282.1 million.

5/5 Chimichangas


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