Reboots, remakes, and revivals

Did everyone binge on “Fuller House” this weekend? “Fuller House” is one of the many examples of the latest Hollywood trend: reboots, remakes and revivals. America is having a real bad case of nostalgia. Everywhere you turn there is something representing the 90s or earlier.

Why is Hollywood doing this? Did they just run out of ideas, or was the pressure of what the people want too high? Don’t get me wrong, I honestly love all the recent remakes, reboots and revivals that have been seen in Hollywood lately, however Hollywood has lost its originality and is simply producing remake after remake.

Hollywood needs to reboot one thing: their creativity.

What if all these remakes do not live up to the originals? Some movies and television shows should just not be touched. It may ruin our original view of the iconic picture.

When we first watched some of these, such as “Grease” and “X- Files”, we had never seen anything else like it. Now these revivals will not surprise us and they often disappoint us. As much as we as the public might want these remakes and reboots, it might not be the best idea. What we remembered as amazing, might be in reality just average compared to the modern entertainment.

“Girl Meets World” went on air a couple of years ago, a reboot of the original “Boy Meets World.” Then there was “Grease Live” a few weeks ago, trying to remake the classic 1978 film. Then just last week, the six episode revival of “X-Files” ended.

 Even Disney Channel is getting a piece of the action with a reboot of the “Lion King” with the television series “Lion Guard.” There is also another superhero reboot with “Supergirl” on CBS.

Netflix is also following along with the trend, it appears as if it didn’t want to be left out.

As I pointed out earlier, “Fuller House” is the most recent example of this trend. Netflix also has the remake of superhero “Daredevil” as a full 13- episode season. “Lost in Space”, which is a remake of the original 1965 TV- series, is expected to debut later this year. Then, of course, the upcoming revival “Gilmore Girls which has gained much attention.

In movies, remakes are almost constant. We had another “Great Gatsby” a couple years ago. Let’s not forget, the always constant remakes of “Spiderman, “Batman”, and “Superman” movies. At least this time they decided to mix it up a bit by putting Wonder Woman in there, too. Then there is the upcoming remake of “King Kong” titled “Kong: Skull Island” to take into consideration, too.

Remakes are a fact of life.

If Hollywood does not step up their game and think of some new ideas then there will be nothing left to remake, reboot or revive. As much as a trip down memory lane sounds great, we need to take a big leap into the future. Try something new, Hollywood, stop with the tried and tired stuff. You can do better.

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  1. symphonic1

    One thing, Netflix is definitely not Hollywood (Main reason Beast of No Nation was not nominated for any Academy awards, although it should have had a Best director and Best supporting actor nod). And Comic books have been remade and rebooted since the beginning of film and television. I heard no complaint in your article about how 50% of most movies are based on Novel's and Books, is that not the same as not creating your own original screenplay? Is rebooting or remaking a story that has already been told not the same as adapting a book (Lord of the Rings? The Hobbit?). Should we condemn Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho because it was based off of a book? Most reboots are well made, but it's the absolute unnecessary one's that give Hollywood a bad name IE: The Karate Kid, or Total Recall. There are dozens and dozens of movies that are made, but are not considered popcorn fun movies and are not widespread as most would like, but they're out there, you need only look. Hollywood is still full of members that are original and unique and are making bodies of work that transcend originality.

    1. Zakkaari Rokkanno

      Yeah Bro

      Totally loving whats been coming at us in recent years

      I can actually watch shows (like the 100) and believe whats happening is real and believable within the framework of the show.

      Todays shows are becoming EXPERIENCES and I have waited all my life for that to happen.

      Nothing wrong with a reboot if it's done well.

      The good thing is with todays tech and approach we can facelift an old idea and transform it into an amazing experience

      and THATS what good entertainment is all about, taking the viewer on the trip of a lifetime.

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