Brumpilton: The people’s candidate

I have recently noticed a trend on social media of people speaking out and stating that if you didn’t vote then you have no place to whine or gripe about who wins which primary and who wins the presidential election over all.

This trend was met with an opposition of people who were quick to state they indeed did have every right to whine about the election even though they didn’t vote because they believed not one of the candidates supported their ideas or had any policies or ideas that they could support.

Over the past couple of months there have been many heated debates on who will win the primaries and ultimately the presidential election. Over these last couple of months three candidates have started to separate themselves from the pack. There are the two Democratic nominees, Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton and the Republican nominee, Donald Trump.

I am not here to tell you to vote this way or that way because frankly, this election seems to be no more than picking your favorite poison. I know most people will be up in arms about it, but think about it, is there one candidate that will truly be the best for the United States?

How about the latest candidate to hit the primary catwalk, Brumpilton? By combining the best attributes from some of the big names in this year’s primaries, Brumpilton will surely be enticing the both the young and old Liberals and Conservatives alike.

As the name implies, the first candidate is Bernie Sanders, and even though I have more conservative leanings there are some positive qualities that I enjoy in Sanders.

First off, Bernie is one of a few people that has been able to truly get the youth of America involved in politics. Moreover, he has done it in such a way that they have genuine interest in what is going on in the United States.

I also enjoy the fact that he stands apart from the other candidates in that he does not fly all over the States in a private jet or in first class, but rather like the common folk he is supposed to represent.

The last reason Bernie has caught my attention is that his policies are an attempt to help as many people as possible through possible reforms and free education.

As much as I know the name Donald Trump ignites hatred in people, there are a few qualities that are valuable to a possible Commander in Chief.

While most people that are in a position of authority are very timid in calculating in their decisions, a valuable strategy, Trump knows when to push issues in such a manner that they get accomplished in a timely manner. The downside to this quality is that you can push the wrong issue, which Trump knows all too well from his past involvement with the United States Football League, and it backfire.

Unlike other candidates, more specifically the ones of a less conservative nature, Trump actually shows a love and respect for our men and women in the armed forces. For me this is a selling point because there are so many issues that our active duty soldiers and our veterans face and there are few willing to do the dirty work of actually helping them.

The last candidate is none other than Hillary Clinton! Although many seem to dislike her there is one thing that she has that none of the other candidates have: experience.

Before we get all hot under the collar, I am referring to experience in a position that truly affects the nation, and Hilary is the only one that can put that on her resume. Besides her on the job experience and stunning personality, she also has experience with the position considering who her husband is, none other than our favorite former president, Mr. Bill Clinton.

In my opinion, none of the men or women leading in the primaries are a perfect fit for the covet position, and based on the selection voting is more like picking which poison you want to drink willingly.

There are so many issues with these current candidates as a whole.

In Trump’s case it is the blatant racism and asinine remarks. For Hillary, only one word is needed. Benghazi. Lastly, Sanders, even though he has many excellent policies, I do not believe he truly understands the economic ramifications on how he is going to fund these programs because sometimes it is not as simple as not spending money on option A, but rather for option B.

At the end of the day, I am just some person behind a computer giving my opinion on this matter, and the only way you can make a difference is by going out to vote for your candidate and hoping the state elector makes the same decision.

Get off social media, turn off your computer, and remember your vote counts. If only Brumpilton was running for president.

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