Farmhouse duo impresses

A restaurant is more than the food it cooks. Restaurants that are worth review must be able to create great food, a comfortable environment and convenience for the customer. Most restaurants manage to attain the key factors, however not all of them can evenly represent every attribute that makes for a great dining experience.

Farmhouse Café, along with its partner in crime, Farmhouse Sweets and Eats, fall into this trap that overlooks its negative factors. Farmhouse impresses with its ability to create amazing home-style food but neglects minor issues that it has.

Farmhouse Café shows some of the bad side of the duo. Their uncomfortable environment as well as their lack of convenience is what hurts them the most. This is because it is almost always crowded. Don’t even think about going on the weekend. Some would say that crowded atmosphere goes to show as a testament to its high quality but in actuality this takes away from the quality. As more demand for service increases, the food has to be cooked and rushed out quicker and more people always results in a slower serving time.

At the café’s counterpart, Farmhouse Sweets and Eats, this problem is nonexistent. Although in a smaller location, Sweets and Eats found a way to keep the numbers low while it still provides the great farmhouse food everyone loves.

In addition to a less crowded environment, Sweets and Eats provides things that the café does not. Such as a counter where they sell old fashioned candy, fried cakes and more sugary delights. Some of their best dishes are the turkey avocado croissant sandwich, the pecan chicken salad and especially their chicken tortilla soup.

Although crammed at times, the farmhouse café’s food is some of the best found in east Texas and their chicken fried steak and chicken fried chicken may even be the best in the entire south.

They could be located in a broken down shack, sell nothing but fried chicken and still be an awesome restaurant; that is how good the fried chicken is. Seriously the fried chicken cannot be exaggerated enough, it outshines everything else on the menu. Some honorable mentions are their beef monterey, chicken noodle soup and their fried green tomatoes.

The location of the two restaurants is as good as a college student could want. They are within a mile of the campus, which makes them convenient for Sam Houston State University students.

Both restaurants have a pleasant interior. Sweets and Eats is very colorful on the inside and is in one of Huntsville’s historical buildings. The café may look basic on the outside but the decoration and cleanliness on the inside far surpasses Huntsville standards.

The cafe may have some set-backs, but Farmhouse’s positive aspects like their food quality and sweets make up for any minor shortcomings.

In summation try the fried chicken, don’t go to the café during popular hours, try the candy at Sweets and Eats and get the fried chicken.

Since this is a dual location review there are too many factors to examine, so there will be no exact number rating. All that can be said for sure is that good food is served at the Farmhouse duo.

Farmhouse Café is located at 1004 14 Street and Farmhouse Sweets and Eats is located at 1112 11 Street.

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