Nation of We: Millennials for Socialism

The enthusiasm of the youth for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is very apparent. His lifelong fight for those that are impoverished and downtrodden is the most compassionate out of all presidential candidates. Though his appeal with the youth is great, many older Americans question his stance since it is closely associated with socialism.

University of Oklahoma professor David Deming believes that the youth’s attraction to Sanders is proof that education has failed. Which is not hard to believe when you see that according to, the United States is Ranked 35 in mathematics, 23 in reading and 27 in science when compared to 62 different countries.

Believing that socialism is to blame for the United States’ current educational woes, David Deming is blaming students for viewing socialism favorably. However, when seeing that Ireland, the Netherlands, Canada, and Finland, all democratic socialist countries, rank much higher than the United States it is hard to believe the socialism is equivalent to a poor education.

David Deming surely was not making a jab at the idea of democratic socialism, but rather classical communist socialism. Comparing Bernie Sander’s ideal democratic socialism to communism is like comparing Diet Coke to Tab. Sure Tab was the original diet soda, but over time we moved to Diet Coke. The world doesn’t sit and stay at one point, we move with time and the ever changing landscape of society.

The youth displaying their hope for a better future is not bad, I would like to think that we are going to be able to transform the United States from a country of me to a nation of we. We say united we stand, but pushing and pulling people in and out does not help us. It only causes greater strain and segregation.

Everyone most likely knows a person who is heavily against socialism, but I guarantee they have felt the effects of socialist programs and systems already set in place.

How about the mail that you receive every afternoon delivered by the United States Postal Service, the police that protect the streets, the firemen who help save innumerable amounts of lives, or even the military that fights to protect the citizens of the United States of America and the freedom we all share? These are all controlled by the government for the people to protect life, liberty, property and mail.

Socialism is already here, and truly the only thing that we have to fear is capitalism.

Capitalism has let companies push jobs over seas, save billions with off-shore accounts and has destroyed new businesses. Monopolies rule and the poor get poorer. The youth do not fight for an easier life; We fight for those who can’t fight. Those that live in the inner city and are forced to take assistance from the government so they can feed their children. Capitalism is not fair for those who can not afford health insurance that have to wait and die, because they cannot afford treatment. Democratic socialism helps those that even a college professors such as David Deming does not think about.

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