Strahan hosts public rally

Tuesday evening concerned citizens of Walker County hosted a rally in support of Keith Strahan at the Huntsville Public Library to promote support for the upcoming runoff election. The runoff election for conservatives for the Texas House is between Strahan and Ernest Bailes, and the election will be May 24.

To begin the rally, speakers spoke in support of Strahan and promoted his political views. The speakers gave speeches that touched on the main concerns for Texas residents, and said that the runoff election is highly dependent on Walker County.

After his introduction, Strahan explained his background and how he came to be a politician. Strahan said he raised in a rural area by conservative parents.

Strahan said he attended the University of Texas in Austin his freshman year, which was the same year of 9/11. Strahan credited 9/11 to being what drove his interest in politics and helped him realize his true conservative views.

Strahan also said that he became a Christian the same year and explained how he has been influenced by the Bible. He also talked about how his mother was a public school teacher, and how he supports public school systems.

The event had about 30-40 attendants from the Walker County area. Snacks were provided, and attendants were encouraged to volunteer or donate for Strahan’s campaign.

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