Theta Mu uplifts the community

The Theta Mu Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. hosted a community service event at Green Acres home to give back to the elderly community.

The project was a huge success and organizations such as Sigma Kappa Omega and the Epsilon Zeta Chapter of Delta Tau Delta came out to the event as well.

This wasn’t the first time Theta Mu visited Green Acres.

We’ve actually done a community service there three times this year,” Theta Mu member Nelson Ayodeji said. “Bonding with the elderly really stuck out. A small thing like conversing with them or playing dominoes goes a long way.”

There’s no limit when it comes to community service.

“All communication was positive though,” Ayodeji said. “We met some memorable people. We really enjoyed our time there working with the elderly as well as bonding with the other fraternities and sororities that were so kind to join us in that great experience.”

Along with giving back to the community, the Theta Mu Chapter put on an event called “Elevate” on February 16th.


Theta Mu’s member Niamke Verrett father Shannon Verrett, who is also an Alpha, came out and spoke about uplifting the youth by molding students in life after college as well as in college.

He works for the HISD as a district trainer and has worked on many successful campaigns for people of different positions within Alpha.

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