Dr. Strauss: Thanks for 20+ years

Dear Students of SHSU,

As of June 1 I will be retiring. Most of you will not remember me as I am no longer on main campus but I have worked part time at The Woodlands Center for the past few years. Nevertheless I feel compelled to say a final goodbye.

I have been at Sam Houston for the majority of my career as a psychologist, more than 20 years. Like any job there have been some good and some not so great days.  Throughout this time the students, YOU, have always been my constituents. You have been interesting, diverse, and surprisingly appreciative even when the conversations have not been so flattering.

I have always been passionate about higher education as the ticket to financial stability as well as the path to a rewarding work life. It has been a gift to me that I have been able to encourage and support individuals on their educational journey.

You have all contributed to helping me feel proud of my career and I leave it to you all to continue the process of making the world a better place through education.


Bernice Strauss, Ph.D.

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