Modern day segregation

In the 21 century it is hard to imagine racism and bigotry still plague American society.

We live in a country with almost unlimited options and opportunities. We are only limited by our will and imagination, but a majority of people are blocked by a persistent shroud of stereotypes and ignorance. This idea can limit anyone’s dreams and idea of the world.

The media plays a key role in the creation of this maelstrom of fear and terror.

Racism was once spread by blatant speech and pamphlets. This made racism easier to see and distinguish. Now, racism is something that bubbles under the surface and is inside everyone at least in the United States. It is impossible to evade the ideas of others in this day and age, and these ideas do have an effect on the way people view others.

Even if you might not know it, seeing a person’s actions on the television or online can change the way you view someone of the same race. Media teaches us that a certain race is more prone to doing certain activities and therefore these ideas stay with us even after we turn off our computers and televisions.

The media focuses on the tragedies to show only the dark side of the American life, and when we do see the good side of humanity it is sandwiched between sections about an arson and a homicide.

How can we thrive in an environment surrounding death, destruction, and chaos?

This desensitized nature has effected the psychology of the American Mind. We are fed fear by corporations to buy products and services we do not need. The terror that we see does not only damage the way we perceive products but also the way that we perceive other humans.

The Media desensitizes us and that in turn makes us segregate and fear each other. Cultures express who we are at that everyone has a history that connects them to the world in which we all reside, and sharing that culture shows the world there is always a great experience to be had.

One day we will live in a world that is not just a melting pot of people but also cultures that we can all derive knowledge, love, and friendship from. Until that day I believe in the world as a place for everyone and that everyone shares the common goods of the human experience.

These perceptions we face are incredibly hard to overcome, and can severely limit the way we communicate with other humans. Such notions can push you to stick with the familiar and push you from the unknown. This segregates us from other people and limits the scope of cultural exploration.

Modern Segregation means that our cultures are one of the few things that we still have to connect ourselves to our kin. Letting outsiders into a culture can be a devastating thing to some people, but allowing others to eliminate their stereotypes and view the good things that make America great is ultimately beneficial.


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