PLUR: Lifestyle not a motto

When telling others about raving and electronic dance music, it almost always is followed by “so you do drugs?” Sorry to burst your bubble about the raving lifestyle, but no I do not.

The “drug” of most ravers is a lifestyle.


PLUR stands for Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. This simple acronym embodies the life of a raver and transcends the moment of a concert seeping into the realm of everyday life.

Each letter has a deeper meaning than its face value and an understanding of each letter shows that our lifestyle is not about drugs. It is about the music, and about finding your inner self. Even when not surrounded by other ravers or listening to the electronic dance music, PLUR still has a place in my every day to day life.


A rave is a place of positive vibes and positive thoughts.

I have never seen a fight at any rave I have gone to, and most people are at peace with one another. We enjoy to keep peace in our community and are accepting of all people, whether it’s your first or last rave.

In your life, try to be calm and radiate positive vibes. Be the light that people need in their negative moments, try to block these negative moments while having peace between all people you meet.


At a rave you can most certainly can feel the love.

There are times when the music is raging and you just close your eyes and let the wave of emotions take over. You feel the love of all those around you, all raving as one family.

This love is what welcomes any person, and gives that ability for you to be yourself. In life we should love and accept all people. Not just the aspects of a person we may enjoy, but the differences we have as well.

Reject hate, and always be there for others. Talk to a stranger, let them know they are important in this world. A strong love toward all helps strengthen the inner peace within us. It allows us to feel alive!


At a rave we are seamlessly one unified body of people.

We are there for the love of the music and love of expressing ourselves. Many times I have made friends with strangers at a rave, and together we embody the community.

We are the headliners at every show, we are one.

Still different from one another in some unique way, but still united and unified. Accept the differences of others, and celebrate in the differences. Explore new horizons and try new things. Try to understand the unique differences of others. With insight we can understand and unify ourselves with the community around us.


Respect is arguably the most important letter of PLUR.

A rave is a completely judgement free zone. Everyone is accepted and you are free to dress and act in any way you seem fit. At a rave you are encouraged to be yourself. If you want to dance like a fool, or dress the “coolest” way possible then go right ahead.

When you are at a rave you find yourself comfortable expressing yourself. Treat others as you would like to be treated is the golden rule of society we learn as children. We must always respect others’ opinions and always let others feel comfortable being themselves.

Today there are too many judgements on others, sometimes it just takes a little respect to abolish such negativity. R-E-S-P-E-C-T, I know what it means to me.

At the end of it all, raving embodies more than a community of drug users. We are a peaceful loving unified and respectful community. I strongly encourage everyone I meet to try living a PLUR lifestyle. My goal is to feel the way I do at a rave every day because in the end there’s no place I’d rather be.

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