Earth Week to spread environmental awareness

Sam Houston State University will kick off an Earth Week celebration on April 18 with various activities on campus to show appreciation for the planet.

Marketing Director for Recreational Sports Melissa Fadler said the promotion of Earth Week this year is varied, as the department has attempted to get more people involved.

“The events are different in that there are a lot more departments involved,” Fadler said. “Several areas from Facility Management are contributing this year and it’s a first for them.”

The biggest event that will be featured on campus is the Earth Week Pledge.

“Many different departments and organizations will be taking pledges from students to be more conscious of how they use and dispose of resources,” Fadler said.

Those that take the pledge will be entered to win one of two bicycles donated by Pepsi.

Several clothing donation bins will be located at the RSC and outside various residence halls in order to make the events more accessible to students.

“Students are encouraged to engage in this event and helping to make Earth Day memorable campus wide,” Fadler said.

Fadler encouraged students to live the SHSU motto, “The measure of a life is its service.”

“Students should model the service mentality of Sam Houston and look for ways to help out,” Fadler said. “Whether it just be disposing of their trash in a responsible manner or doing a service project here on campus.”

The health of the planet is important and Earth Week at SHSU is a way to show the importance of sustainability.

“Earth week is about bringing about an awareness that we, as individuals, all contribute to the issues on our planet,” Fadler said. “One person may not think they matter but when a lot of people think that way, that’s how small issues get turned into big problems.”

One way that SHSU can help the planet is to be more mindful of what goes into the Earth.

“Because we all live here, we should work to keep our campus community viable by managing our resources, watching our waste habits and taking responsibility for the impact we have on those around us,” Fadler said.

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