Bearkat Bite: Tasty social media

If you still use your Facebook, then you’ve probably scrolled through tons of recipe videos that have gone viral recently. These videos are different from a typical online recipe websites and Pinterest. These videos are sharable directly on Facebook, appear simple to make and look incredible appetizing. Some of the most viewed pages include Buzzfeed Tasty, Buzzfeed Food, TipHero and 12 Tomatoes.

 As popular as these videos are one could wonder, will this really revive the era of cooking at home?

With the recipes found on these pages people can now make a quick meal within minutes. This is perfect for the always on the go American. Even if cooking isn’t your strong point, these videos look like a challenge you can effortlessly win.

 A group that could easily benefit from the new recipe video trend are busy college students. College is not the first place you would image to find cooks, unless it’s a culinary school. College is the time where most figure out how to survive without mom’s cooking. The question is, are these upbeat cooking videos impacting students’ views on cooking?

My experience with the viral Tasty videos on Facebook has sparked my interest in wanting to cook something new. I have always liked cooking, but never did much of it at home because of my parents critiquing. Nothing was ever perfect.

 I’ve had some good and bad experiences with these cooking videos, but overall, I think it has made me a better cook. At the very least I’ve learned that it is ok to make recipes your own. Add the season and extra spices.

 For college students who have access to a kitchen should definitely try out the Buzzfeed videos. There are many simple recipes and most of them have relatively inexpensive ingredients. If you don’t have access to a full-sized kitchen, if you do a little digging, you can find a few microwave Tasty recipes. The hardest part is following directions when it comes to these bite sized versions of the larger meals.

 The only downfall I see to these videos is that people are no longer trying to cook those amazing, hard to make, family recipes that are part of your own culture.

 I don’t think I’ll ever see a one minute Tasty video on how to make real crawfish étouffée. There may be a shortened easy alternative recipe, but there is something about a slow cooked meal with complex instructions that make your taste buds go wild. There is a reason why your grandmother’s taste so good.

 Nevertheless, as a beginner, it’s perfectly okay to make some of these simple dishes.

 Marking their one year anniversary this July, I think the viral Buzzfeed Tasty videos have given society a big push to try cooking again. The nature of these videos has reconstructed our idea of cooking from it being very time consuming to fast and easy to do. The fact that the Tasty videos pop up so often on our Facebook feeds means that people are intrigued by this cooking sensation. If nothing else, these videos are bringing people together for one common denominator, food. 


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