NuPark app to assist parking fall 2016

Sam Houston State University responded to student and faculty complaints about parking by partnering with the app NuPark to implement a new parking system around campus starting fall 2016.

“What we’re trying to do with this app is every service we provide in the office, we want to put it in the power of your hands,” Assistant Director of the Department of Public Safety Services Matthew McDaniel said.

Before, any parking issue would be settled at the Parking and Transportation office. Now that SHSU is partnering with NuPark, a company that implements effective parking, everything will be a tap away on any iPhone or Android.

“The majority of our parking services are printed materials,” McDaniel said.

McDaniel said about 200,000 papers are printed for their use, and after this new system is in place, they’re hoping to cut it down to about 50,000.

“Due to the new features of the NuPark system the parking department will have the ability to provide additional types of permit offerings to increase flexibility for parkers,” Kevin Uhlenhaker, CEO of NuPark said.

The app will be able to give students different information about the campus such as an interactive map where you could park depending on your permit, and it could give students the ability to appeal a citation. More services include account management, permit purchase and management and citation payment.

“So far our customers have been very happy with the positive impact the system has had on their operation,” Uhlenhaker said.

Since everything will be mostly digital now, some concerns have risen. Many students could still need the in-person services since the app could potentially face problems.

“We are looking at downtime procedures,” McDaniel said. “Any service that is dependent on the internet can have downtime and it is my office’s responsibility to have downtime procedures to allow parking services to remain functional.”

Inputting a system like this might seem a bit pricy but McDaniel assured the team’s thoughtful process of the financial situation.

“What caused us to search for this new system is, along with other reasons, we are in need of changing our garage equipment,” McDaniel said.

The SHSU parking garage houses about 250 reserved parking spaces and about 254 hourly.

Regular issues regarding the outdated equipment failing at the SHSU parking garage is causing an inconvenience to the community, according to McDaniel.

McDaniel pointed out the cost of replacing the parking garage equipment would be equivalent to the cost of implementing the NuPark system.

“Looking at one facility versus being able to serve the entire campus was a big draw to us,” McDaniel said.

The NuPark system will be in place next semester. For more information visit

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  1. symphonic1

    Ok, so this new app that makes it easier for students to pay for citations and permits will magically make more parking spaces available? Yeah, I don't see how an app will make more spaces available, seeing as the ONLY solution for the parking problem is to literally have more parking lots built. Telling students "Look we're building a new parking lot over here", does not negate the fact that over there, you tore down a parking lot to make room for a new academic building, or residence hall, or dining hall. We've all heard it from the VP of Finance and Operations before, donor's would much rather have their name on a building that on a parking lot. This solution will never be solved until the school sacrifices it's "Master Plan" for what they have in mind for the development of the school, and build a few new parking lots.

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