Scams too good to be true

Throughout time shoppers have fallen prey to those coveted dresses, blouses, or every day babble that sits on the shelves in some of the most expensive stores at their local mall. However, there are always that handful who place their items back on the shelf after viewing the pricey tag on the item.

Long gone are the days of indecisive shopping at your local mall, con-artists have found a new medium to reach out to shoppers: social media.

You’ve all seen it before, the ads on the side of your chat box or even the few that are thrown in the mix of your newsfeed, advertising these amazing deals on clothing and other items that appear to be near copycats of those you find in stores.

One of the more popular advertisers, DressLily, the one I fell victim to, has a website that from a cursory glance seems legitimate and will deliver exactly what you want. However, from the moment you press okay on the checkout page you begin a several month long journey to get the item or items you requested.

After reviewing the Better Business Bureau’s complaints against DressLily, my bank account began to cry.

Despite asking and paying more for expedited shipping because Valentine’s Day was just a few weeks away, it took a better part of a month and a half to receive my item.

The first question some might ask is, “why didn’t you contact customer support?”

Most companies that are promising these incredible deals the customer services sucks, to be brutally honest. DressLily customer service never replies to ticket claims and even though they claim to have an online chat, it is never open or up.

The issue with companies like these is they are not governed by United States rules and regulations since almost all of these companies are based out of China. I understand having some delays on shipping, but almost two months is ridiculous for something that was shoved in the equivalent of a DHL bag.

Do not get me started on the product itself.

It was made out of subpar materials, especially the buttons. However the biggest issue is the sizing. A medium is not a medium, it is at best a children’s small and even though they provide you with a sizing chart, it is by no means accurate or remote indicative of actual product sizes.

Lastly, most people would attempt to get their money back, however with these companies it is almost not worth the hassle.

Just like it look several months for your item to arrive, so too will it take several months for you to receive your money back.

This is because not only do you have to ship your item back to China, but you also have to wait for them to verify that they have the item and for them to actually start the process of returning your money.

Companies like these need to be scrutinized by the people that purchase items from them because it boils down to the time old saying. If it is too good to be true, it probably is.


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