Huntsville Music Festival continues tradition despite venue change

Take a moment to imagine the back steps of the courthouse, a small group gathered around them and one after another local musicians step up onto the makeshift stage to play their home-grown grassroots music.

A few years ago that’s what the “Main Street Music Series” was. As the event grew, it has been renamed “The Huntsville Music Festival”, and now plays home to numerous established acts from across Texas as the city gathers to celebrate uniquely Texan music.

Lindsay Lauher, the City of Huntsville’s Main Street Coordinator, said she is excited for this festival because of her own childhood experiences.

“I am especially passionate about this event because it reminds me of my favorite childhood memory, when my dad played in our town’s municipal band and performed outdoor concerts during the summer months,” Lauher said, “As a kid we ran around catching fireflies, buying brownies from the Ladies Guild and played games as the sun went down as the music played on in the background.”

This year’s lineup features a number of up-and-coming artists split into two groups, one on Thursday, April 21 and the next on Thursday, April 28.

On the 21, the show will kick off with Texas Music Pickers sponsored artist, Kenna Daniella at 5 p.m. and will continue with John Slaughter, Sam Riggs and JB and the Moonshine Band who will perform until 10 p.m.

On both nights one of the artists will be a Texas Music Pickers sponsored artist who will open the show. The shows will be held in partnership with KSAM 101.7, KSTAR 99.7, Weisner, Team Dodge and Shenanigans.

The first night of the festival was originally planned to be held at Rather Park, but due to the recent storms, has been moved to Shenanigans.

The short notice change means that food trucks won’t be able to make the first night of the concerts but the new venue provides a dry place to enjoy the show, which Lauher said is the most important part.

“There is something really special about ringing in the summertime, by spending evenings outdoors, with a lawn chair in the park, enjoying wonderful live music, eating, drinking and being together as a community.” Lauher said, “In our fast-paced world, getting to enjoy the finer things in life, together with your neighbors, is an important cultural habit to hold on to.”

The second concert, which will still be held at Rather Park, will see the return of the food trucks as well as free Starbucks coffee, Red Bull and 3 Spoons Yogurt for attendees. The outdoor space will also feature a fire truck, which children can tour and a bar for adults.

The second series features more local talent, highlighted by performances from Adam Hood and Zane Williams who will perform together and swap songs. Their performance starts at 8 p.m.

The Huntsville Music Festival is the last two Thursdays of April and kicks off at 5 p.m. with free giveaways on a first-come first-serve basis.



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