International faculty member to preform piano recital

The James and Nancy Gaertner Performing Arts Center Recital Hall will overflow with classical chamber music on April 22 at 7:30 p.m.

Sam Houston State University’s School of Music will host a faculty recital to feature Piano Adjunct Professor Anna Petrova.

Petrova is known to perform extensively as a chamber musician.

Chamber music refers to a type of classical music that is composed for a small group of instruments. These musicians got their name because they would perform in a cozy area, typically palace chambers. This type of music can be dated back to the medieval times.

Music major senior Casey Garcia explained the ability to perform chamber music can be a challenge to learn.

“Chamber skills are difficult to have,” Garcia said. “Not only are you playing your own instrument but you have to listen to everyone else. It is very hard to listen to other people because you are so worried about your part.”

Petrova and her husband, Josu De Solaun, have taught at SHSU since fall of 2014.

Music sophomore Katie Lee was in one of Petrova’s first recitals at SHSU. She was astounded by Petrova’s performance and this greatly influenced her career path.

“The first recital that Ms. Petrova ever had at Sam Houston was fantastic and so beautiful,” Lee said. “It made me cry. I was a freshman at the time and I was kind of unsure of whether I wanted to pursue music or not. Hearing her really encouraged me.”

Petrova is originally from Bulgaria and De Solaun is from Spain. The married couple met in New York while they attended the Manhattan School of Music.

“They are definitely a piano power-couple,” Lee said.

Petrova has a wide range of knowledge about many composers and it shows within her performances. She truly understands the history of the pieces she performs, according to Garcia.

“When someone knows the composer and why they wrote this piece and for what reason, then they are able to perform it better because they know it so well,” Garcia said.

Garcia enjoys watching other artists because she understands all the effort that goes into the recital.

“It is fun to see the finished product because there is a lot of work that goes into it,” Garcia said. “You realize that it is really well-thought out and they know what they are doing. They have practiced and put in the long hours. It is nice to see other musicians play together and all the different variations you can get from that.”

Chamber music is focused on the partnership. Although the performance is in a large room, the music is meant to feel as though the audience is in a small room with a private performance.

“It is nice to see what you can do while playing with other people,” Garcia said. “Chamber music is really cool because you get to collaborate with other musicians.”

Both Lee and Garcia agree Petrova is a passionate performer and fascinating to watch.

“She is a very expressive performer,” Garcia said. “It is really captivating; you want to keep watching her and not necessarily listen to the music, because you are thinking ‘This is amazing.’”

The recital will have free admission. For information on other upcoming music event, visit


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