Reviews with Ray: ‘Hardcore Henry’

Hardcore Henry, the experimental film by first-time feature director Ilya Naishuller, is a distinct film that was made for a small audience.

The reason that Hardcore Henry isn’t for everyone is because the entire film takes place from the first-person perspective. In order to achieve this, the film was shot on a Go-Pro camera mounted on an actors head.

The drawback to this type of film is the action for the film will seem jumpy and quick, something most casual movie goers will not be accustom to.

Another thing to note is throughout the film, the protagonist has no dialogue due to part of the setup. This allows the audience to inhabit the protagonist as if they were him, similar to first-person shooter video games. Some people will enjoy an experience like this but many people will find it hard to sit through.

Producer and actor Sharlto Copley (District 9, A-Team) delivers an imaginative performance in the film as a character that constantly changes. He’s ridiculous in every scene but that is also one of the better aspects of the movie.

Copley’s character is also the one to explain most of what’s going on in the film, which could make the character a bore but he pulls it off seamlessly.

The practical effects of the film are well-done. This film was able to be made because it was filmed in Russia, where there are fewer safety regulations which allowed for more dangerous stunts.

The special effects in Hardcore Henry were first-rate with a few exceptions.

Two scenes near the end show the special effect budget didn’t quite reach as far as they needed. However, chances are if movie goers stick around that far in the movie it isn’t bothersome.

The plot of the film is what may be expected of a first-person shooter game. It’s not great but it does the job of setting up big set piece action sequences, which is truly what this film is about.

This film is recommended to the Call of Duty gaming generation or anyone who wants to see a first-of-a-kind film. It is not for people who easily get motion sick or the faint of heart.



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