Back in Orange

The first day back on campus every semester gives you the opportunity to start new for the next five months, to be a different person or a better version of yourself. You have the chance to meet new students and become close friends for the duration of college or life.

For most people’s first day, it is always the most stressful time of their lives since they don’t know what to expect or what embarrassing situation they can get themselves into that day. I can assure you that you do not have anything to worry about. There are many students just like you going through the same situation.

For me, I believe the first day is the most exciting day out of the whole semester. I get to see many familiar faces throughout all of my classes. I have a sense of a fresh start.

On Wednesday, the first day of class, I only had one scheduled class, Broadcast Journalist Writing, early in the morning. By the time it was 10 a.m., I was already done with my day here on campus. I decided to make my way back home so I could relax and eat lunch before heading back up to the SHSU to start writing my editorials for the Houstonian.

Whenever I am in the Houstonian office, it really feels like I belong there and don’t feel like a stranger sitting at my desk. It’s a great feeling that I discovered that day. My goal in my career is to become an entertainment writer for a major online newspaper or magazine company. Last semester I volunteered to write news articles for “The Houstonian” so I could get my feet wet and gain a bit of experience. Every week I would submit my article into the person that was in charge of me. It would bring me much joy to see my name in the newspaper every week, knowing that hundreds of students on campus would be able to read it.

On Thursday, I had three classes back to back, but since it was still considered “syllabus day,” the anxiety of multiple amounts of workload wasn’t upon me yet. I went through every one of my classes that day determined to do my best and attempt to make A’s in all of my courses. My goal is to show that I can be my very best and accomplish the difficult tasks set ahead of me.

This semester I have decided that I would put my 110 percent in all of my school work since I have some big responsibilities for this upcoming semester. As a junior, advanced classes in my major are starting to creep up on me. The coursework is more demanding out of these classes, and studying extensively is a must if I wish to acquire a good GPA. On top of that, with a new responsibility of being an editor for “The Houstonian”, I have to step my game up this next few months.

I hope to bring many great articles and editorials over many topics this semester here at SHSU along with my new staff of writers I have taken on for next few months. I believe this will be a great year for all of us and hope everyone succeeds in their tasks.

The one tip I can give to any new freshmen going into their first set of classes, always try to find that one person or group of people who have the same interest and work ethic as you. You want friends that can push you and motivate you to do your best, and not the ones that will ask you every night to go out to a local party in town before a major exam. By all means, do have fun once in a while. I am not saying that you need to become a hermit and stay in your dorm at all times, but just take everything in moderation. If life seems grim, don’t hesitate to ask for help from fellow advisors, tutors or friends. Hope everyone has a great fall semester!

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