Former SHSU Professor to Host Culture Presentation

The Sam Houston Memorial Museum will be hosting a presentation by Caroline Castillo Crimm titled “Comparative Cultures: Women Ranchers in Texas” this Thursday 6:30 to 8:00 PM.

The presentation is free and will be held at the Katy & E. Don Walker Sr. Education Center located at 1402 19th St.

Comparative Cultures will discuss the lives of Hispanic women as ranchers and how they reacted to the arrival of Anglo women.

Marketing coordinator for the museum Megan Buro said the exhibit will provide a fresh perspective on the time of Texas settlement.

“This presentation will provide a new view of the first contact between the Hispanic and Anglo cultures,” Buro said. “How were they alike, and how were they different.”

Crimm is a former history professor at SHSU. She taught at the university for nearly 20 years. Now she is currently teaching three classes at the Lone Star College.

According to The Curator of Collections Michael C. Sproat, Crimm has been permitted to hold this presentation due to a long standing friendship between her and the museum.

“She has been a very active friend of the museum over the past two decades,” Sproat said. “She has been in charge of many of undergraduate and graduate students who have been given recommendations by her to do independent studies projects and internships. Also she has been very active in the Sam Houston Folk festival we host every spring.”

Crimm is respected in her understanding of history, in particular Texas cultures.

She is definitely very well versed in the content and subject matter that she presents on,” Sproat said. “She’s an amazing person when it comes to Texas history, in particular Texas cultures.”

Buro has worked closely with Crimm in preparations.

“We chose the topic because it is Hispanic Heritage Month,” Buro said. “We’ve been wanting to get her here to do a little talk and so this was the perfect timing for this. I think it is going to be a very fascinating talk about woman ranchers here in Texas.”

After the presentation, there are also many interesting things to study at the Sam Houston Memorial Museum. Their hours are 9 am to 4:30 pm on Tuesday through Sunday. Admission is free for SHSU students who present their SamID at the entrance.

They also host a variety of events throughout the year including the Sam Houston Folk Festival every spring and a Harvest fest in November.

The museum can be contacted at (936)294-1832. To learn about their upcoming events, how to make donations, and costs visit the website , as well as their Facebook page.

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