Old Town Theatre Offers Drama Off Campus

The city of Huntsville plays home to many exciting opportunities for cultural outings just minutes from Sam’s campus.

The Old Town Theatre is a prime example of a cultural hotspot blocks away, located in the middle of downtown Huntsville.

“Old Town Theatre was first established as a Movie House in 1947, and continued serving that purpose until 1974 when it closed down,” said Leanne King, the theatres facility manager.

The building had no upkeep from 1974 to 2001 when Friends of the Old Town purchased the building and set about restoring it and repurposing it. It now serves as a home to musical performances, dance, film and community events.

“When Friends of the Old Town purchased the building, there was nothing left of the main theatre except the frame work and some pigeons,” King said. “Old Town Theatre stands as proof members of the community are capable of coming together and building something that will last, and I think that’s amazing.”

The building’s roots as a movie house are still present according to King.

“On a number of occasions I’ve been working inside and stopped by an older member of the community who would buy tickets to see the movies hosted there when they were children,” King said. “The venue’s rich history provides a connection with the community that is difficult to find elsewhere. The atmosphere is always warm and welcoming; regardless of what performance or event is taking place.”

The rich history isn’t the only reason to stop by and tour the theatre. Old Town Theatre is looking to get students involved in every aspect of playmaking.

Every month the venue plays host to a number of productions and there are plenty of opportunities for students to get involved, from stage hands to acting, or simply attending.

“For students interested in the technical side of theatre they can contact Huntsville Community Theatre,” King said. “There’s always need more hands back stage.”

Upcoming events for the Old Town Theatre include two shows from Huntsville Community Theatre.

The play “Proof” will be at running September 16-25.

Right after “Proof”, the community theatre will have auditions for “Murder at the Howard Johnson’s” on September 26 and 27. That show will have performances November 11-20.

The price for admission varies by show, but generally the cost is under $20 and can fit into most college budgets.

Sam Houston State University also occasionally uses the venue for presentations, such as The Department of Mass Communication’s upcoming Film Nights.

“This semester the theatre is also happy to be hosting a film night for SHSU’s very own Mass Communication Department on September 29th, October 18th and November 29th.” King said.

For all Huntsville Community Theatre showings, auditions, etc. you can go to their website: huntsvillecommunitytheatre.org.



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