Never Giving Up: ‘Life Is A Wild Ride’

There comes a time when life just wants to throw curve balls at you, when your whole world feels like its crashing down and you feel like just throwing in the towel and saying, “I give up!” Let me give you some wise advice, never ever give up.

Take me for an example, I have been through some extreme difficulties in my life from homelessness and coming close to death’s face three times, but I remain standing strong and alive. One of those experiences occurred just over two years ago. I sustained a neck/back injury that was close to paralyzing my left side; which is my dominant side. The doctors and nurses seriously thought I was never going to be able to use my left side of my body ever again. They believed I would have to retrain my brain in order to make the right side of my body the dominant one.

I was determined to not make this situation my life, I did whatever it took to get back to my regular self again. No matter how much pain I was in, no matter how exhausted I felt, I got up every morning to walk as much as I can, move as much as I can and attend my rehab sessions. It took me three to six months to make a full recovery when the predicted time length was a year.

Unfortunately, just when I started to get my life back on track, I was involved in a severe car accident that demolished the whole rear-end of my old car. The whole trunk from the backseat/windows were gone and beyond repair. All of my friends and family were shocked that I even survived the crash.

Due to the effects the car accident had on me, I was back in a neck/back brace once again. I had to attend rehab again which took me out of school for another six months. At that time I was determined to get back into school. I signed all of my release forms, took my classes head on and am now back and better than ever!

Even as I was going through elementary school some teachers believed that I would not be able to learn as fast as my other peers and believed I belonged in “Special Ed” classes. Well, look at me now! I am now only a year away from earning my second college degree and am excited for the future! So if I could go through all of that and still make it out on top, I believe you can too. Life is a wild ride and you can do anything you put your mind too.

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