Pneumonia Puts Hilary’s Campaign At Risk

If you have been following the presidential campaign these past few months, you will know that things have been coming quite close in the running with Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. That all came to stop when Clinton collapsed after leaving the 9/11 memorial ceremony last Sunday. Clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia and dehydration the week before the ceremony, but ignored her doctor’s orders and continued to push through with the campaign. Her diagnosis later resulted in her cancelling three days of campaigning. Donald Trump and his supporters used this to his advantage and came up with conspiracies about Clinton’s health and also feel as if she is not physically fit to be President. When Clinton spoke before the “Black Women’s Group” she jokingly responded, “The good news is my pneumonia finally got some Republicans interested in women’s health.”

Trump insisted that Clinton show detailed private medical records of her health in which she refused to do, but later shared that she was aware of her diagnosis and just wanted to keep it a secret for the time being. Although Clinton kept the pneumonia a secret, people believe that her health issues are beyond that and more serious than what she is portraying. After seeing the video of Clinton leaving the ceremony, there is a lot to be concerned about. It has got to the point where Bernie Sanders’ supporters have stepped in and formulated their own theories on the subject. Sanders supporters believe that if this is a cover up, they hope that it will get Sanders back in the race for Presidential nomination. At a rally in Washington D.C., Oscar Salazar, a Democrat, said that he wants Clinton, “to be as healthy as possible and if she’s not able to come out and rally everyone to come together and vote against Donald Trump, then Bernie should take over.”

In 2012, Clinton was diagnosed with a concussion that caused her to faint and have dehydration according to her doctor. With that being said any diagnosis or medical condition from Clinton is now coming to surface and her political enemies are bound to use everything that they can against her in the rest of this presidential election. The concern from the public about Clinton’s campaign is understandable, but it does not justify the accusations being made by her opponents and their supporters. It is clear that Clinton has real medical problems and that cannot be compared to the conspiracies going around about her health. We will probably never get the true facts on Clinton’s health issue, but I do feel that whoever steps into office next should be in a healthy state.

Clinton has now been trying to get rid of the rumors about her health in her campaign. Her team has released a letter from her doctor stating that Clinton is “healthy and fit to serve as President of the United States.” According to an opinion poll conducted by Reuters/Ipsos last week, her pneumonia does not scare away her supporters in the slightest bit. Most Americans from the poll stated that the issue would not differ on how they voted one way or the other. These conspiracies won’t be enough to stop Clinton; she is back and running better than ever. If anything I must say, this situation has only made her fight harder and she is not going to let this election slip away from her that easy.


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