On Campus Parking Causes Frustration For Students

There has always been trouble finding parking at Sam Houston State University and with all the new construction going on I feel as if it’s only getting worse. When I returned back to school in August, I expected to see a new parking lot, but I was wrong.

Instead, there was new parking on the streets, which you needed to download an app just to park your car there.

With the increase of students we get every year at SHSU, parking is an important issue that students have to deal with. Surprisingly, I found out that the new parking was done by the city of Huntsville and not by SHSU.

The app not only allows you to pay for your parking, but to register your car as well. If you don’t use the app properly then you can risk getting a ticket or your car being towed. When using the app, it is not just download and pay fast; but can have many other complicated steps. That is just not fair.

Although the price for the parking is inexpensive, who wants to pay for parking every day? It is slightly annoying.

I also think that because of how busy our campus can be sometimes, it is not really safe to have parking on such narrow streets. If someone backs out of their parking spot, there is a possibility of their vehicle being accidentally hit.

Luckily, most students who live in apartments off campus can take the shuttle to class. However, for those apartments who don’t have shuttles the student will either have to buy a parking pass, park in the garage or use the parking app to park on the streets.

Since it’s so hard to find a parking spot on campus I have not purchased a parking pass. I feel as if it would be a waste of money if I drive to campus and can’t find a parking spot.

The only time that you will find good parking on campus is anywhere after 5 p.m. or very early in the morning, and if not then prepare to struggle to find a parking spot.

The major issue with the parking for me is that it can make students late for class multiple times due to the fact that either they can’t find anywhere to park or have to park very far and walk a marathon just to make it to class.

I understand that creating funding for parking is a very hard task, but I hope that something can be done as soon as possible. We need more parking available for present and future students and faculty at SHSU. I know that this issue may be a work in progress, but it is frustrating for myself and the students at SHSU.

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