Atlanta Review: Homemade Excellence

“Atlanta” is a comedy/drama created by and starring Donald Glover. The series centers around 2 cousins trying to making their way in the Atlanta rap scene in an effort to improve their lives.

The show is well done, a real life comedy. There was nothing in your face about it. The show represented this nonchalant mentality with an authentic selection of rap music to round out the aesthetic.

Alongside the good production is the recreated grittiness of Atlanta. The way it’s written and the way it’s shot demonstrate an experienced, pointed vision for the series that is executed on immaculately every week. This show is close to pure genius.

One of its biggest accomplishments is how it makes you feel like you are walking in Atlanta. From the streets to the back alleys every location feels authentic. “Atlanta” talks about African American culture in Atlanta and nationwide, especially the trapped rap community in Atlanta. The pilot features a rapper breaking into the insular scene, and the immediate repercussions of doing so.

“Atlanta” embraces its roots beautifully. With a cast of beautifully flawed characters that interact with all the nuance of individuals, this show defiantly deserves your attention. “Atlanta” airs Tuesdays nights on FX and is available to stream with FX Now.



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