Candidates No Longer Play Nice During Presidential Debate

The first 2016 Presidential debate took place last week at Hofstra University. For me being a first time voter and that being the first debate I actually watched, I wasn’t too impressed. Although both candidates made a few good points, I felt that there was more criticism given towards each other than anything.

During the debate Donald Trump tried to insult Hilary Clinton on a certain topic, and her response was “I think Donald just criticized me for preparing for this debate, and you know what I else I prepared for, I prepared to be President.” Clinton took everything thrown at her with grace, while Trump took offense to anything Clinton had to say about him.

While debating, Clinton brought up a lot of horrible things Trump had said recently in the past and every time Trump denied them. After the debate, media researched and found that Trump did say those comments and is now perceived as a liar.

Although presidential debates are about making yourself look more appealing than the other candidate, it is still not ok to bash the current president and the one you are currently running up against. I felt as if that’s all Trump did.

Trump has good ideas, but he can’t seem to manage his temper and the things that come out of his mouth. So why should we want that as our President? Not to mention each candidate had two minutes to speak and Trump consistently went over time and kept interrupting the mediator when he tried to move on to the next question. Trump talked about Clinton needing to show proof of her medical records and Obama to show his birth certificate to show that he was born in the U.S., but yet he won’t show proof of his tax returns, which Clinton mentioned he hasn’t even paid in years.

In my opinion, I think America is afraid to have a woman lead this country. Clinton always comes prepared and I feel as if she has an insight on what it’s like to be President, considering that her husband Bill Clinton was President before. She has the experience that Trump doesn’t have, and that is what we need in office. According to Donald Trump, “Hilary has experience, but its bad experience.”

With having two candidates who both can have their flaws running together, it makes deciding difficult but also makes things more intense when information keeps getting revealed about the other candidate.

Most people, myself included, believed that this debate was a joke and I hope that both candidates for the next debate will answer the questions given instead of getting off topic and insulting each other. After all, we are watching to see who can lead this country in the best way possible and each debate needs to show that.

We have never had two candidates like this run up against each other, and honestly I am quite nervous to see who will win the election. It is important to know that in this election your vote counts, so make sure you get out there and vote come November!

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