Food Review: Eclectic Coffeehouse

The Eclectic Coffeehouse is located on 19th street in Huntsville. The shop offers lessons and classes in pottery, basketry, and other artistic pursuits. The gift shop features merchandise produced in their studio. While the Eclectic Coffeehouse houses numerous activities, this review will focus solely on their restaurant.

Eclectic Coffeehouse offers seating arrangements both outside and inside the restaurant. Sitting outside is recommended, customers get to appreciate nature while talking, completing assignments, or just taking in the sights. Huntsville’s famous roosters often pay patrons a visit as well.

The interior looks exactly like the famous coffee shop hangout in the TV show “Friends”. The environment inside the restaurant was clean, spotless even. There was not a single dust particle or scattered food portions in sight at Electric Coffeehouse.

Upon entering the house-like restaurant, the first sign a customer will see is a vegan lunch sign. Customers might misinterpret the sign and assume that Electric Coffeehouse only provides vegan meal options, but that would be a mistake.

The food was fairly expensive, especially for a college budget. For review we tried the “Cali Girl”, a $7-dollar sandwich. The sandwich was filled with healthy, fresh foods like turkey, avocado, onion, and tomatoes, but the whole package still seemed a bit underwhelming for the asking price.

If a customer decides to visit Electric Coffeehouse, the “Lemon Almond Poppy Seed Biscotti” is a great choice. Electric Coffeehouse sells 4 of the biscotti for $3 which is a much more reasonable deal compared to the “Cali Girl”. The biscotti is best with either coffee or milk.

There is a one problem that Electric Coffeehouse should fix. The business needs to make a standardized policy on when a customer pays for their food. Do the customers pay for their foods at the beginning when they order or before they leave? Electric Coffeehouse needs to choice one of the options mention above and stick to it.

Another recommendation could be investing in a security camera. I did not see any surveillance cameras and it may help the disorganized paying situation.

My overall experience at Eclectic Coffeehouse was excellent. Eclectic Coffeehouse deserves 4 stars out of 5. When a customer decides to eat at a restaurant, it’s not all about the food. The experience is about the atmosphere and people a customer is surrounded with. Eclectic Coffeehouse is an outstanding place for a game night, friendly conversation, or a late night study session, regardless of their dining options.

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