I’m Planning My Career Around My Future Children

In this world where feminism is growing and thriving more and more each day, the career woman now has praises and respect tacked onto her pant suit and multiple degrees. She is considered strong, determined and successful. The career woman is presented as what a woman should strive to be. Feminism empowers her. It is absolutely wonderful to see the world changing to accept that women can do great and incredible things.

As a young woman in college, this wave of feminism encourages me to shoot for the stars, and not let anything hold me back.

However, at times, it gets to the point where women whose goal isn’t to become a career woman feel less than other women. They feel like they aren’t good enough because they choose to stay home with their kids. They feel lesser, because they put their careers and other dreams on hold for their families. They feel put down, because they plan their future to accommodate children.

Is this what feminism is about? Teaching women that they are equal to men, but only if they have careers like men. It shouldn’t be. I want a career. I want to be a successful and an educated woman. However, I am planning those goals and dreams around the prospect of my future family, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Feminism isn’t just for strong business women. It’s for the stay-at-home mom too. It’s for the chauffeur, the chef, the maid, the doctor, the teacher and the mommy. It should be promoting the idea that women can be strong and successful even if they put their children’s needs before their own. It should also be teaching that it is more than OK to have both!

You can be a successful career woman and still have time for your family. You can fight in court by day, and still make it home to cook dinner and tuck your kids into bed. You can teach a lesson in your classroom, and come home and teach a lesson at your kitchen table. You can fight crime on the streets, and break up fights between your little ones at home. Believe it or not, you can have your cake and eat it too! You do not have to give up your hopes and dreams to have children.

When I make decisions for my future career, I do it with my future children in the back of my mind. I plan to have the ability to take off time from work to stay home with my children when needed. I look for opportunities that will allow me to work while my children are at school, or even from home. My career must allow me time to spend with my family, because family is my priority.

By doing these things, I am in no way giving up any of my dreams, because my biggest dream is to be a mother. I want to take care of my kids when they’re sick, and be able to witness their greatest triumphs, as well as their failures. I want to be their shoulder to cry on, and an outlet for their anger. I want to be the support they will need, and the mother they desire.

Being a mother is my biggest dream, and planning my other hopes and dreams around that is just as important as focusing on planning for a career.

I am not any less of a modern woman because I am planning for children. I am not any less successful or strong. I am not giving up my hopes and dreams. I am fulfilling them. I am not closing any doors without opening much greater ones ahead.


This editorial is originally published on The Odyssey

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