Music Review: Belting for Nosh – EPsode 1

Emerging from the small town of Huntsville, Texas, indie rock band Belting For Nosh has released their first EP. The vocals and lead acoustic guitar are handled by Jake Bevill, with Conner Morgan on electric guitar and Bradley Whittington on percussion. In a city not known hotbed of artist being sought after, Belting For Nosh, could be that gem.

Their EP called “EPsode I” is based on the groups rebellious nature, it fits well within the indie rock subgenre which finds its origin in creating your own path, not following the rules.  For instance, on the first track “Threshold”, the chorus says, “I follow no creed/But I know how I bleed/And that’s all I really need/ To be freed.” Or on the love ballad, “Mission Failed”, “I’ve fallen through the cracks /Of my own philosophy /You’ve turned me into the man /I thought I’d never be”; this one being about rebelling from yourself.

The melodic rhythm from “Mission Failed” fits the theme of the song perfectly, with the acoustic and electric guitars meshing to give the song a classic rock feel. Electric guitarist Conner Morgan’s riffs stood out in the fast paced, in your face “Threshold”, as well as in the bridge/ breakdown in “Dead Head Haiku”. The production throughout the album is great, a nostalgic feeling that reminds you of a garage sound in a cleaner package.

“EPsode I” is only four songs long, and each song is good enough that the album has great potential to be played back repeatedly. In the music world indie rock has made a name for itself especially due to the internet, so for Belting For Nosh, the sky is the limit.

The group has two more EP’s planned, so make sure to check them out on Soundcloud or iTunes. If you want a free copy of their premier EP, “EPsode 1”, check out this week’s episode of Leaflets, The Houstonian’s art and culture podcast.

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