New Podcasts By The Houstonian

“The Houstonian” is dedicated to keeping Sam Houston students involved and up-to-date with the biggest news.

As a new way to do that, the staff will be launching two podcasts in the coming days, one dedicated to sports and another to arts and culture.

The sports podcast is named The Houstonian Sports Roundup.

The host, “Houstonian” Sports Editor Ryan Reynolds, will talk with members of his staff about the week’s games, news, and go in depth on the stories behind the stories you read in the paper.

The weekly podcast will feature a knowledgeable crew of reports covering the sports you want to hear about, as well as talking about what it’s like to interview some of the biggest athletes on campus.

The Houstonian Sports Roundup will also answer your questions, taking suggestions from listeners for topics of discussion. The crew will also pick winners of the biggest game of the week.

In conjunction with The Roundup, “The Houstonian” is also launching an arts and culture podcast focused on informing students about the biggest events around campus each week, as well as discuss the biggest movies, TV shows, games and music.

The podcast is called Leaflets, and Campus Culture Editor Ethan Horn will host it alongside Viewpoints Editor Arturo Mosqueda and Photo Editor Morgan Phillips.

Leaflets will help you sift through the sea of amazing content so that you can focus on the best of the best. College students don’t have unlimited time, so making sure you’re involved with the best media is important.

The podcast episodes will run anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, and feature three segments. In the first segment, the guys go over local events, in the second new releases, and lastly a segment about what each of the guys is watching, playing, reading and listening to.

The Leaflet boys will also take audience questions and suggestions, so be sure to get in contact on twitter @HoustonianSHSU or through email,

The Houstonian podcasts will be available weekly on both iTunes and Stitcher, so be sure to check them out. On iPhones the podcasting app comes pre-installed, and Stitcher can be downloaded on Android phones from the Google play store.

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