SLMS Invites Students to Participate in Interactive Mural

Student Legal and Mediation Services is inviting students to participate in an interactive mural today and tomorrow from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. at the LSC mall center in honor of October – the Conflict Resolution Month.

Director of SLMS Gene Roberts believes conflict is unavoidable, and utilizing creative techniques will not only resolve issues, but have multiple, long lasting benefits.

“We’ve all experienced conflict in our lives, whether in our family, workplace, or friends,” Roberts said. “Resolving conflict in a responsible way is a critical skill for all of us to have. The responsible resolution of conflict can provide us with new and innovative ways to see other people’s perspectives as well as helping to maintain a focus on critical business and academic purposes.”

Roberts feels letting students tell their stories through art is the most enjoyable and effective way to reach students and teach responsible self-expression.

“Conflict resolution is as much art as it is a science,” Roberts said. “This project allows students to creatively reflect what is important to them. This is a way for students to learn about the valuable resources available for them. It’s also a way for students to express their feelings in a positive manner – taking what may have been a difficult experience and making something beautiful out of it.”

This is SHSU’s fourth year hosting Conflict Resolution Month and the second year of creating a spontaneous mural. Roberts takes pride in knowing that SLMS is making a difference in student’s lives.

“We have had people share with us their thanks for helping them resolve their conflict, or to acknowledge their conflict, so they can understand it better and lead more positive and productive lives,” Roberts said.

Roberts invites students not only to participate in this conflict resolution event, but to take advantage of other campus resources if they are struggling with a dispute.

“If a student needs to speak to someone, we encourage them to have coaching with our office, or seek assistance through the SHSU Counseling Center,” Roberts said.

This organization will be providing gloves and towels for students to avoid mess, so all a student has to do is show up ready to be purged of past conflicts.

After the event, the banner that the students have created will be proudly hung in the LSMS office, room 330 of the Lowman Student Center.

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