Stop “Clowning” Around

Halloween is a holiday where people dress up as any fictional or real being they want, pass out candy and have fun. However, some people love taking it a little too far. They love to try and go into the character they are dressed as.

Take for an example the clowns that have been going viral lately in various locations of the country. Now I understand that Halloween is almost upon us and some people love to celebrate early, however there is a difference from having fun and having too much fun to where it is taken to the extremes. This has been happening a lot out in the streets and on college campus such as here at SHSU.

During the night when everything has shut down and has settled for the night, college students love to get out of their dorms to study or hang out with friends, but this has become an issue as people dressed in clown costumes have been terrorizing students. It’s a very intimidating time and makes the night scary.

Clowns already scare some people, but now we have to worry about them actually harming us out at night. It gets hard just to get out and take care of our business. I like to go out at night to study at the library but if I see a clown trying to chase me I will get freaked out and want to go home when I know I should be on campus studying and getting things done.

I do not like to study all the time at home so when I get the opportunity to go back to campus while there is plenty of parking available, I will definitely drive back to campus. I will admit I have seen the movie “IT” but in reality my fear for clowns has nothing to do with that movie. I have been terrified of clowns since day one. I am sure other people can say the same; however I have gotten so terrified of going out alone at night. I need to watch my back everywhere I go now. When I am hanging out with my friends I am the same way and am in the lead hoping that we do not see a clown.

Now I understand if young people are trying to have fun as Halloween nears, but when it comes to going out and trying to scare pedestrians; the clowning around needs to stop. It has gotten so bad that costume stores have had to band clown costumes. Nobody can even wear a clown costume today without getting arrested because of the people out trying to terrorize the innocent.

I keep hearing that these people are young and just want to act “cool” but you can act “cool” somewhere else without scaring us students or partaking in this now illegal action. If you want to do something scary go to a haunted house. You do not have to dress up as freaky clowns and act like you’re going to kidnap and kill someone. Take off the masks and costumes and go do something that is more fun, legal and just stop “clowning around” already.

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