Bearkat Past vs. Present in Annual Lacrosse Alumni Game

The SHSU Lacrosse team hosted their annual alumni game at Pritchett Field over the weekend.

The alumni game featured previous SHSU lacrosse players battling it out against current team members. The Alumni team came out to a strong start, but eventually fell to the current team 10-3.

The alumni game’s main purpose is to raise funds for the current lacrosse team by selling merchandise, such as SHSU lacrosse themed polos, T-shirts, shorts and hats all created by Class of ’04 Alumni Eric Keown. Denisee Mann, an alumni mom, was at the game selling merchandise.

“One of the alumni named Erick Keown creates the merchandise,” Mann said. “Every year he designs an alumni package that includes a shirt, pair of shorts, and a tank jersey. The alumni buy the packages as a way to support the team. All proceeds from the alumni shirts and packages will go to the support of the Sam Houston lacrosse team.”

The past vs. present game felt special for junior team captain Kenny Jonga, as he had the chance to play against previous lacrosse players.

“The alumni game is special because you get to see the alumni again with their winning tradition,” Jonga said. “It’s what Sam Houston is about. These older guys running up on the newer guys is always nice to see. They teach us a lot what the program is about.”

Junior Bobby Quintos also took part in the special game. He explained that the alumni players have taught him a lot and he wouldn’t be the player he is today without them. He believes that the alumni have made him a better player.

“They taught me a lot of new things like the proper way to shoot and different tricks shots from behind the net,” Quintos said. “It was a lot of fun.”

One of the alumni who returned to grace the pitch of Pritchett Field was Class of 2012 alumni John Messer. He likes the alumni lacrosse games because he feels that coming out brings out the tradition of lacrosse.

“It just brings back all the tradition of lacrosse,” Messer said. “Playing with the young and old brings out the fundamentals of the game, which is about just having fun.”

Being an alumni and matching up against younger, faster and more in shape college students must not have been easy, especially in a physical sport like lacrosse. 1998-2002 SHSU lacrosse player Josh Johnson explained what was the toughest part about playing against the younger players.

“I’m a lot bigger than I was in college so I’m a lot slower,” Johnson said. “It’s tough keeping up with them, they are a little more physical than I am.”

The lacrosse team is still selling merchandise for supporters and those who are interested. To purchase SHSU lacrosse merchandise, visit the official SHSU lacrosse website at

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