Food Selections on Campus

Although the food selection at SHSU is good, I think there should be more. Starting my freshman year of college here at SHSU I ate at Old Main quite a lot due to the fact that it was convenient and because that would be where the majority of the student body would go to have their meal.

After a while, I would get tired of the food and would want something different. That’s when I started to use my Bearkat bucks for food places in the LSC. Eventually after eating that so much, I got tired of that as well.

I love the fact that Bearkat bucks are implemented into our Bearkat One card, that way we don’t have to spend our own money, but I would be much happier using my Bearkat bucks for far better places to eat.

I think that it is amazing that SHSU are in the works of building a new cafeteria right next to Moe’s, but it would be even better if they added more food place variety as well. With us being college students, money can sometimes be tight and sometimes our Bearkat bucks is what saves us, so we want to be able to put a good use to having them.

Being in college, you want to remain healthy and fit, so having healthier food choices at our access could really benefit the students here at SHSU. I personally wish we had more food options for breakfast.

There are only two places that serve breakfast other than Old Main, which is Chick-fil-A and Moe’s. The only issue with that are the times that they do serve breakfast, it ends so early. People with late classes or who can’t get up early will not be able get the chance to eat breakfast.

I feel as if the times that breakfast is being served should be expanded or we just simply create more places that give us breakfast as an option. 

As for the food choices that we already have on campus, I wish some places had a full menu of their real restaurants. For example, Chick-fil-A serves only certain items from their menu, but lacks a ton of other options from bigger Chick-fil-A establishments such as the location in Conroe.

In conjunction with that statement, Grilled Works, another food option on campus that specializes in burgers and grilled items has a full menu but doesn’t serve some of the items that are being displayed.

Other than that, if this issue could be resolved, SHSU students will be more pleased when it comes to the food selection on campus.


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