The Election Isn’t Over Yet, But You’ve Already Lost

It may not be November 8, but, if you’re not voting for Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump has already won.

Throughout the last few months, and especially after each of the debates, many people have told me they “just aren’t voting”. These people have decided not to pick between what they see as the “lesser of two evils”, but this is a problem in more ways than one.

First, voting is a fundamental right that we are lucky to have as citizens of a great nation. This right is provided to us ONLY through the intelligent people that framed our constitution and those who continue to sacrifice so much to defend it on a daily basis.

Second, you are effectively doing EXACTLY what Donald J. Trump wants. Like a cheesy pirate movie, you have fallen directly into Trump’s trap. The trap that paints Hillary Clinton as a “lesser evil”.

Third, and finally, Hillary Clinton is not the monster Donald Trump has tried to smear her to be.

Now, hear me out, Hillary Clinton plays the game of politics as much as the next, and I agree that corruption, money and lies run rampant in our political system, BUT she is the only hope our country has, at this point, to prevent becoming the metaphorical dog poop on the bottom of this Earth’s shoe.

You see, when Donald Trump set out to run for President of the United States I don’t believe he ever actually expected to win. He selfishly set out to gain more power, more fame and divide America in the process.

As a sociopath, Trump lives for manipulation and lying. His career is based on it. His wealth is based on it. Manipulation and lying are the only two skills Donald Trump actually possesses, and he isn’t even all that great at the latter.

Trump did not enter this election with the intentions of swaying middle of the road voters. He entered this election to turn them into cowards, to manipulate people into believing that there is no choice and in effect allow a minority of deplorable human beings to overtake our political system and voice.

He doesn’t want respectable, real people to vote. You threaten not just his agenda but his pursuit for power.

If you’re not voting for Hillary Clinton, and especially if you’re not voting at all, then you have played right into Trump’s tiny Hillary hating hands and allowed yourself to be manipulated with false evidence.

The “emails” have been a source of ammunition for the constant berating of Secretary Clinton. Donald Trump even said in the most recent town hall debate that if he were president, Hillary Clinton would “be in jail.”

However, the New York Daily News reported in early March of 2015, that there have actually been many instances in which high ranking public officials used private email servers for official governmental business.

These politicians include Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, who kept a private personal email on top of both an official government account and regular personal account, former GOP Nominee and Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, who along with his aids used private email accounts to conduct official state business, and even one of President George W. Bush’s top advisors, Karl Rove, caused 22 million emails and four years of official correspondence to be lost due to the improper use of his Republican National Committee email.

Would these republican politicians also be in jail under a Trump Presidency if after investigation, all were found to have not legally done anything wrong?

Many of Trumps supporters will say he is not a politician and that it’s time for a change, but on June 16, 2015– when Donald Trump announced his run for POLITICAL office– he became a politician. Nothing can falsify that truth.

Another principal topic used to smear and delegitimize Hillary Clinton’s character and ability to lead a nation is a set of actions in which she had no direct involvement, aka Bill Clinton’s actual and accused infidelities.

Last time I checked, marriage licenses do not have a line for signing away your autonomy as a human being with free will. Hillary Clinton is a woman who happens to be married to a man that made mistakes. Those mistakes may help define that man but they in no way whatsoever define the woman he is married to.

Secretary Clinton has been continuously criticized for merely being associated with a man who may or may not have done inappropriate things with women, but Donald Trump has BEEN a man that has, on record, said and done misogynistic, derogatory and sexist exploits.

Trump was recorded saying that pregnancy is “certainly an inconvenience for a business,” and that “it really doesn’t matter what the media write as long as you’ve got a young, and beautiful, piece of ass.”

Additionally, he tweeted that Huffington Post founder Ariana Huffington is “unattractive, both inside and out” and he “understand(s) why her husband left her for a man.”

Regardless of the truth that Huffington’s ex-husband actually announced his bisexuality after their divorce, Donald Trump’s only reason to make statements like those above is to support his longstanding view that a women’s only purpose is to be a sexual object for male consumption.

I could continue to write pages about the despicable attributes Donald Trump displays as the actual physical embodiment of everything wrong with our society, but there are more important topics to discuss.

The fact of the matter is, if you don’t vote for Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump may still lose the election, but he will have defeated, cheated and duped you, and isn’t that just as bad?


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