Fall Teacher Festival

Where there are students, there are teachers. In order for a student to become a teacher one must earn their bachelor’s degree, but after getting that degree not everyone knows how to complete the transition.

On October 26 from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. the LSC ballroom will be the location for the Fall Teacher Career Fair.

“Initially, years ago, we started with the job fair and it is to get our students employed, we want them to graduate and have a job waiting for them on the other side of that stage,” Career Services Counselor Arica Castleberry said. “We’re also particularly using the fall job fair, because it tends to be a little smaller, using it as a teaching opportunity for our students that are in our program,”

At the fair, there will be multiple booths and groups for attendees to interact with.

“In the past we have had a variety of things go on. For some of our larger school districts, we’ve had them interview on the spot, some of them talk to our candidates and then pass their information along to the appropriate school personnel to find where they may be a good fit,” Castleberry said. “In other cases, it’s to just get their name out there. There’s a variety of different approaches depending on the school districts.”

School districts in attendance include, but are not limited to Alief ISD, Alvin ISD, Beaumont ISD, College Station ISD, Willis ISD, local Huntsville ISD, and many more school districts found throughout Texas.

There will also be school districts from other states, such as Nevada.

Any Sam Houston student is welcome to attend. Organizers also encourage all to attend even if you’re not an education major but are considering entering the field.

“We encourage our junior level students to attend also. So, that they can begin networking and understanding what the job fair is going to feel like and what the expectations of them are going to be when it is their turn seeking a job.” Castleberry said.

Students who plan to attend are required to dress in professional attire, if you are not professionally dressed the event has a no acceptance, no exceptions policy. Professional attire is identified to be neutral colored business suits, suit pants for men or women, as well as suit dresses for women.

“We encourage all our students, whether they are actual teaching candidates getting ready to graduate this semester or if they’re in one of their block classes, where they are going to be in teaching next semester to attend. We encourage all of them to dress professionally,” Castleberry said. “The phrase I generally use understands that the person that may be interviewing you may be from a different generation. With that understanding dress accordingly. Conservative dress, dark colors, subtle, no short skirts, no super high heels, and well groomed.”

Students should also bring a resume to the fair and ready to be interviewed by potential employers.

“Also, we recommend that they have a portfolio with their resumes inside, and if they are targeting districts in particular, I really encourage them having them very organized. As well as, having plenty of resumes and on resume paper,” Castleberry said.

Resume paper can be purchased from any store that distributes office supplies.

The fair was originally planned to be held in both the ballroom and room 320. However, there have been developments meaning that the fair will now be held in only the LSC ballroom. As of now it is expected that room 320 will be used as a breakfast and lunch center for the school districts.

For more information on the job fair visit the SHSU website at https://events.shsu.edu/event/fall_teacher_career_fair#.WA6d9nmV474.


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