My Experience with Health & Energy – Cloud 9

There is a little gem of a store in Huntsville TX, nestled on the beautiful and historic square. It is called: Health & Energy-Cloud 9 and it can literally change your life as you know it. The store has been in business for over 25 years and is currently managed and owned by Blaine. This man has a wealth of knowledge about the human body and the way it functions; he has supplements, teas, essential oils and just about anything needed to remedy the common cold, allergies, aches and pains, to even more serious issues

I found out about Health & Energy Cloud 9 a couple of years ago when I was having some gut issues and needed a good probiotic. I went to Blaine’s store on a recommendation by my sister for some pharmaceutical grade probiotics. She was aware of Cloud 9 from some doctors in town that use him to mix up compound medications.

After I went to Blaine for my gut issues, I have since gone back for allergy medication, severe reflux, thyroid supplements, a severe muscle ache in my neck and swelling in my feet. I take a concoction called Butchers Broom, (sounds wicked, doesn’t it!) to help the circulation in my legs, so my feet don’t swell. It opens the capillaries more so the blood flows easier. Since I work on my feet a lot as a server, it is imperative for me to take this supplement. I quit taking it for a little while, and the achy, tired and swelling feet came back.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I went in for a severely achy neck that had been hurting me for over a month. I heard Blaine talking to a woman about lactic acid build up that she was having and gave her a pill to help it. I decided it was time to get this neck thing checked out since I couldn’t look over my shoulder any longer to check my blind spot.

Blaine made me sit down in a chair and he applied pressure to both sides of my neck, hard. It hurt so bad it gave me an immediate head ache. It went down the center of my head. I had to move my neck while he was pressing on it, and it was excruciating. However, it did just exactly as he said it would, it broke up the lactic acid stored in my neck. He gave me a couple of supplements to help with the excretion of the lactic acid and was told to drink lots of water.

The next day, my neck hurt worse than it did before, and I thought I was not going to get better. By the time day three came around, it magically felt better. By day five, it was completely gone. My neck does not hurt at all anymore. I sometimes wonder about what a doctor would have done, and I think I would still have an achy neck.

I cannot recommend enough that college students go and to take advantage of this little gem that is just down the road from the college campus on University Avenue.

I now go to Blaine before I go to my actual doctor. I see what he says first since he will let you know exactly “why” your body is hurting and what can help it feel better. He wants you to know the why of the situation so that you can understand your own body. His main goal is to help you live without a tassel of pharmaceutical medications that just treat symptoms. Give Cloud 9 a visit!

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