Glitches In Machines During Voting

Presidential Elections have already been stressful to watch for myself and I’m sure for many others as well. Watching the last few debates has only made things worse.

You would think that with the election date getting closer and early voting starting, things will to start to feel a little less stressful, but the total opposite happened.

It has been said in many states that the machines used for voting have been hacked. It has also been reported that the machines change for both parties. When this information was brought up originally, there were some people who felt it wasn’t rigged.

Honestly, when I first heard about this I was not only shocked but scared as well. My thoughts were, “maybe this is the governments doing because we always hear about crazy stories about that, but, whoever hacked all the voting machines should receive serious consequences.”

Some places have offered to remove machines that have shown signs of glitches in them, but I feel that the government is not taking any serious concern or actions to what is happening and that alone concerns me.

The Political Insider reports that in Maryland, Illinois, electronic voting machines have casted votes for the Democratic Party when voters originally selected Republican.

This has happened to multiple people already in many different states which are causing some votes to go through by accident and causing the people who noticed to switch it multiple times for it to work. This is unfair to the other voters and the candidates running. Not only that, but people who hear about these situations in the media might get discouraged from voting and we do not want that.

I think in situations like these, it only makes the election more intense. Luckily, certain places let you handwrite your vote, and not worry about using a machine or computer. At this point, I think the only solution to this will be to inform voters to double check their ballots before finishing.

Hopefully further down the election process this problem goes away, if not this election can go both ways with an unfair advantage and with all the accusations and excuses as to why this is happening, it can. With this being a lot of citizen’s first time participating in a Presidential election; this circumstance has not been pleasing to many.

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