NBA Super Teams: Good for Entertainment, Bad for the Sport

The NBA is a premier professional men’s basketball league filled with many premier players. When an NBA team has more than one or two big-named players on the roster, it is known as a super team. In this era of the NBA, super teams that are forced are bad for the sport.

Super teams, such as The Golden State Warriors with the addition of Kevin Durant, are forced and a manipulation of the system. Super teams take away from the competition of the best going against the best. Having a super team in the NBA is like at the playground when the best players all wanted to play with each other, making the games boring and quite infuriating to watch.

Super teams in the NBA lessens competition and makes it harder for other teams to be successful. Talent isn’t spread out around the league and players are teaming up and dominating mediocre competition, which makes winning for super teams too easy.

Winning a title with a super team also makes the championship less valuable because teams aren’t going through anything to get it. By being a super team, you are expected to win and doing anything other than that is unsatisfactory.

The NBA showcases the game of basketball played by the best players in the world, although it’s entertainment, the NBA should treat it like it’s a professional sport. The front office of the NBA shouldn’t allow forced super teams just because of ratings and revenue. Fans want to see good competition between evenly matched teams that are playing hard and with great teamwork.

Every team would love to have premier players and talent, but unfortunately there’s not enough to go around. By having super teams, more and more teams come up short of having star talent on the roster, which decreases the overall competition in the NBA, which makes the sports less enjoyable to watch.

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