Clashing Views: Who Should Be the Man Under Center for the Dallas Cowboys?

Rookie Dak Prescott Should Remain the Starter

By: Hivan Moreno

With the Dallas Cowboys win over the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, the team improved to a 7-1 overall record. The NFL season is coming to a rapid close as teams are preparing for their week 10 matchup, but one team in particular is dealing with another storyline.

Longtime Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is expected to be ready for action really soon. The Cowboys are thriving under rooking quarterback Dak Prescott, which poses the question “Should Prescott remain the starter?”

Personally, the obvious answer is to keep Prescott under center. Through eight games this season, Prescott has a touchdown to interception ratio of 16:2, 2,202 yards and has a quarterback rating of 104.2. The Cowboys will for sure make the playoffs this year, so why would you change something that is already good? The saying says “If it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it”, and this applies to the Cowboys’ dilemma. Prescott has posted extraordinary numbers this season as a rookie. It makes no sense to replace a player who has the hot-hand for a player who is injury prone like Romo.

Another reason to keep Prescott starting over Romo is because of the playoff potential. Like I said earlier, the Cowboys will make the playoffs this year, and we all know that Romo struggles to win playoff games. Although Prescott is playing extremely well this season, I don’t expect them to go to the Super bowl this year; but while Prescott is under center, along with fellow rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott, the Cowboys have a serious shot a championship in the coming years.

The final reason to keep Prescott over Romo is the age difference. Romo is 36 years old and his productive days could very well be a thing of the past. The Cowboys have a rookie quarterback who is exceeding expectations and who is playing out of his mind, so what do they Cowboys have to lose? The Cowboys have struck gold with Prescott and the organization must start thinking about the future. This decision is clear as day.


Tony Romo is the Man

By: Austin Rodriguez

I believe that Tony Romo is still the Dallas Cowboys’ best option as quarterback. Romo is more experienced than fellow quarterback Dak Prescott.

Teams have had years to try and figure out a way to stop Romo lead the Cowboys. For the most part, opposing defenses have had a difficult time finding ways to stop Romo.

Prescott is still a rookie, and having him as the new quarterback could be a classic example of beginner’s luck. He may not play like he once did, but Romo is still a talented quarterback that will put your team in position to win every week.

Since Romo is 36 years old, he might only have a few years left to give it his all. Romo wants to get a ring before he retires. He wants to be the main quarterback on the field when his team wins one.

Similarly, to former Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning last year, when Brock Oswiler took over the starting role. Many believed he was going to be the one that led them to a Super Bowl.

However, Manning got his starting job back late in the season last year when Oswiler was struggling. Manning seized that opportunity and went on to win his second Super Bowl championship and retired on top. Injuries are part of the life of an athlete, and you cannot blame a player for getting injured. There is the inevitable question of their reliability once healthy again.

However, if a player performs better than his counterparts, he should be the go-to guy. Romo is aging and Prescott is without a doubt the quarterback of the Cowboys future. So for the time being, I believe that the Cowboys should start Romo when he is ready to return The Prescott era can officially begin in Dallas when Romo officially retires.

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