Harvest Festival at Museum

The Sam Houston Memorial Museum will be hosting a harvest festival Thursday November 10 from 4 to 6 p.m.

The event is focused on being fun for all, a large part will be featuring great food such as chicken with rosemary, cornbread, pumpkin pie, and garden fresh vegetables, and so much more.

“[The festival] has had quite some time since the last one, but after looking at ways we could raise the community involvement we decided to bring this event up again,” Kathy DeYoung, who works at the museum and is helping with this event, said.

This festival is a way to show how the Sam Houston family would get ready for harvest back in the 19th century.

“We also hope to increase awareness and interest in the times the museum represents,” DeYoung said.

To run the estate Houston dedicated time to care for the crops and animals. There will be a replica kitchen cabin and historical interpreters from the museum will be present to explain how certain items would be used in 1847.

You will also get a chance to visit the vegetable and herb garden to pick out what they may need for ingredients. It’s not so much of a sit down meal; the event wants participant to experience helping prepare the meal and learning about the harvest and tasting all the different things the harvest brings.

Bring your friends and family to enjoy an evening full of new things to see. Learn new recipes to try this holiday season and leave your family wondering where you got that cooking experience from.

The harvest festival will be the ultimate experience in getting to know how they lived back then and everything they had to do to prepare themselves for harvest season.

The museum closes at 4:30 p.m. so the staff encourages attendees to get there early so the museum can be part of your experience. A $5 donation is recommended per person. To RSVP or for more information call 936-294-3153 or like the groups Facebook page: Sam Houston Memorial Museum.

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