We Should Discuss Tuition Increase

Tuition increase is something that has been concerning many college students, especially the ones here at SHSU.

Just recently, the president of Sam Houston State University, Dana Hoyt hosted an event that discussed everything having to do with tuition increases here on campus. Hoyt, mainly talked about the budget that will be in place for tuition increases and how it will affect everyone at Sam Houston. Although, I understand that the tuition increasing will go towards things to benefit everyone, but how exactly will that benefit the students?

The tuition has gone up little by little ever since my freshman year and it’s only been getting worse. It is understandable why there would be an increase to help for funding certain projects, but I also understand how some students cannot afford it. So, an increase in tuition can result in a decrease in college enrolled students. Compared to other big colleges, yes Sam has it good as far as tuition prices, but that’s also the same reason why most of us choose to come to this school. If the prices go up, that would kind of defeat the purpose on an option of why we wanted to attend here.

I feel like tuition increases has its pros and cons for both the school and the students. If tuition does go up, is it possible that it would only increase by a small margin and not thousands of dollars more? For the students that may have to use loans, that means more money that must be borrowed and later the more they have to pay back.

As far as faculty, yes, it is good for professors to get a raise, but how will the students be benefiting from this? I honestly feel that anytime there is a tuition increase or anything financially changes, students should not only be informed but also get full detail as to why because as human beings, we all want to know where our money is going.

I know the school is trying to build and create a lot of new things on campus, which is great, but whether our tuition is going towards it is something we are not so sure on. I know some information may be confidential, but for the most part anything that can potentially affect the students should be explained in details to us. This not only affects us, but our parents as well.

Some parents pay out of pocket for their children to attend college, and hearing that tuition will go up will not be a good thing for them. I admire the fact that President Hoyt put together an event that was open to everyone and invited them to learn about what’s going on and I hope that’s something that will continue to happen so students and parents won’t be blindsided by the situation.

With everything that has been said during the presidential election about funding for college has had everyone on their toes about whether they will be able to afford to continue attending college. So, that plus a tuition increase is something to worry about.

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