The Crown Review – Netflix Big Budget Period Piece

At first glance, the concept of The Crown seems a bit dull. The new Netflix original follows Great Britain’s longest reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth the II, but there’s more to it than a first glance might suggest.

The Crown is Netflix’s most expensive show thus far, costing approximately 2 million pounds, but the production costs were well worth it. This show is visually stunning, the costumes and scenery are beautiful. Everything from the coronation gown of Queen Elizabeth to the look of Westminster Abbey, where all of Britain’s monarchs held their coronation, looks authentic.

The look of the show is just the beginning, the hook, behind it the story plays out beautifully as if the story of Queen Elizabeth’s reign was destined for the silver screen.

The series begins with the final days of King George the VI and just before Elizabeth (played by Claire Foy) was to be married to Philip (played by Matt Smith). This first season details the beginning of the Queen’s reign. Everything from her wedding day to the worst smog in Britain’s history are some of the varying plot points. The series cleverly adds real footage from events that occurred in the early years of Elizabeth’s reign.

This show portrays Elizabeth as a strong and self-assured woman, something rare at the time. At a point in history where everyone around her wanted her to fail, Elizabeth held it together and put the crown before herself. Claire Foy portrays her spectacularly and brought the queen of Britain to a new light in a way we have never seen before.

The cast was equally amazing. Matt Smith brought humor and sarcasm to Prince Philip. John Lithgow, who portrayed Winston Churchill did an amazing job of bringing one of Great Britain’s most influential prime ministers to life.

The Crown has been confirmed for a second series, show runners plan for 6 episodes in each season, one season per decade of Elizabeth’s reign.

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