Everyone Deserves Some Kindness

With recent events, it seems to become harder to stay positive each day. Disasters are occurring every day and hate is so much easier to find in the world than love. It seems that the sanctity for life and love for our fellow humans is less apparent with each passing day. Negativity spreads like wildfire. Hate is a powerful tool that, unfortunately, many people use to their advantage. However, this pessimistic outlook on life will only bring more negativity and sorrow into our lives. In a world that is full of hate, it is up to us to spread kindness.

It can be difficult to be kind, especially when others do not return the favor. However, you would be surprised at how much of a difference a simple smile or small compliment can change someone’s day, as well as yours. When we are kind to others, it elevates our own happiness, as well as the happiness of those around us. It is a daily choice, and sometimes a hard one, but it makes all of the difference. For someone having a difficult day, week or semester, the smallest word or action can change everything for better or for worse. By making an effort to be more kind and loving to everyone around us, we can make everyone’s lives a whole lot happier.

Kindness can spread almost as easily as negativity. By being kind to one person, it often will lead to them being kind to one another, resulting in a domino effect. This is seen often, especially during the holiday season, in simple ways, such as chains of cars paying for the person’s meal behind them, and gift giving to the less fortunate. This is a time of giving, and an amazing time to begin spreading kindness. You can begin by simply wishing someone a “Happy Holidays,” or being kind to the retail employee that has to work instead of being with their family. You may also want to donate things like coats and toys to the local shelter, or consider volunteering at the soup kitchen. Many elderly people in nursing homes do not have anyone to visit them, and the holidays can be a very depressing time for them. Our local nursing homes have many opportunities to volunteer in various ways. You can also spread kindness throughout your friends and family by reminding them that you are thankful for them. Service and kind words can make a huge difference to those affected by it. By being more willing to help others and searching out opportunities, it becomes easier to love our family, friends, and ever strangers.

Another great place to start is the internet. Social media is a powerful tool, whether used for hate or kindness. Use social media to uplift others, not tear them down. Sending a small message to someone that is having a bad day, or even just stopping yourself from sharing that offensive post can bring negativity to a halt. Being more accepting of others and recognizing each other’s trials and joys makes it easier to be kind to them. Instead of searching out arguments and contentious posts, be kind to one another. Words do matter, even behind a computer screen.

As college students, we often do not have much time and money on our hands. However, there are many simple ways to touch others and create more love in the world. Consider using this holiday season to eliminate some of the hate we so often see and generate hope and kindness whenever possible. Not only will this better your life, but also the lives of everyone around you. Change starts with you, so if you want to see more love in the world, start spreading it.

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