Social Media taking over Social Life

Social media and technology have been huge components to our daily lives. People of all ages revolve their time around one of the two.

Between texting, calling, FaceTiming, Snapchat, Facebook, twitter and many other social media sites, this has caused a lack in face to face communication. Even when people do make plans to go out to lunch or any other type of outing, they are still using their cell phones at the table and not giving the person their quality time and respect.

When it comes to dating and meeting someone, there are now websites to do that. It’s something that I don’t personally agree with since you never know who you could be communicating with behind that black mirror. Although social media is fun and an enjoyable thing to have, it can sometimes be very distracting to our daily lives. People even use it while at work and at school which can eventually turn into an issue.

Technology in general is evolving and getting better. We are becoming so caught up in it and can’t seem to live without it. Of course, many others, including myself enjoy using it for beneficial reasons, I wish I could do things without having to rely on my phone or computer.

Jobs are coming up with new innovative ways in today’s world, such as having handheld checkouts to help lines move faster when the lunch rush hour starts. Technology can be distracting; it is also helpful in many ways.

I honestly feel that there is no solution to stop how much of social media we consume daily, other than self-discipline. If you look around, everything in the world is changing because of technology.

For example, print is starting to die out since the days of going to your local store to get a newspaper has been replaced with the ease of pulling up your phone or looking on your computer. There is simply no need for physical newspapers, although we still have them. But years from now who knows what will happen.

The good thing about social media and technology though is that people have used it in such ways to be beneficial. For example, most young adults don’t watch the news as much, but they are informed about what’s going on through social media. There are some jobs that use social media as well for many different reasons.

I feel that technology has made humans lazy in certain aspects. We rely on technology to do everything for us, that we don’t even know how to perform simple activities on our own. I’m all for technology expanding and social media, but I just wish as human beings we did better at balancing those with our social life.

How do you enjoy someone’s company if you are on your phone the entire time? How are you able to pay attention in class, if you are constantly scrolling through Twitter? It’s something we really should work on. Technology is only going to continue to grow for years to come, but that doesn’t mean we have to become so attached to it as it does so. Overall, social media and technology are really great things to have, we just have to realize when it’s appropriate to use.

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