Kindling the Flame: Winter Date Ideas

It may feel like spring around campus, but students are still due for another month or two of cold temperature before flowers start blooming. But how can a young couple, full of love and affection in the fall, last to the spring?

The first thing to know is that fanning the flame doesn’t have to be expensive. Effort is the essential paste of any successful pairing. For the freshman or otherwise uninitiated, the local movie theatre offers matinee movies for only three dollars, and with a large pizza to split the bill is under 20 dollars.

For the more cultured couple an even cheaper, somehow classier option exists. Go for a picnic of ramen and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches by the duck pond. Afterward, walk a short way towards downtown and check out the satellite art gallery, featuring art right from campus.

Looking for something that says, “Hey, I have a job and some disposable income!”, look no further than any of the numerous Farmhouse properties across the city. Sweet’s and Eats on the square serves every sandwich with mayonnaise and a side deviled egg, what could be fancier than that? After lunch you and your significant other can walk to one of the many antique shops on the square and peruse the antiquities.

In that same price range, why not swing by Home Depot and pick up some project supplies? They say the couple that works together lasts until spring together, after all. Make something together, find something that will look pretty even if you never use it and make it, or even better get busy on future gifts for each other’s parents. Nothing says commitment like a wooden mailbox with the word ‘dreamer’ on the side.

Sometimes you will have to put down some serious dough, however. When it comes to spending money wisely in Huntsville, be sure to plan ahead. College students compete against the community for seats at higher end restaurants, even places like Olive Garden! Call and get a reservation, whether it is at 1876 or the Vortexan, forethought by your partner is always appreciated.

Looking for a day trip? Remember that as secluded as Sam may occasionally seem, Houston, and more importantly it’s museum district, are only about one hour away! Buy a day pass and be sure to use your college student discount when doing so. Museums not your speed? Check out tickets for sporting events or even the Houston Symphony! If you plan and purchase your significant other will appreciate it.

Whether this is your first winter together or tenth, don’t hesitate to spice it up and be spontaneous. As amazing as it is to hang out and watch something new on HBO Now, getting about will stretch your relationship in fun new ways.

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