6th Graders Join the SHSU Student Body… For a Day

A new group of faces were seen on the campus of Sam Houston State University last week for an exciting look at what our campus has to offer the local residents of Huntsville, Tx. About 480 sixth graders from the local Huntsville middle school, felt what is was like to be a college student last week when they toured the SHSU campus.  The majority of  the HISD High School graduates have never stepped foot onto the campus. The SHSU visitor center teamed up with HISD to incorporate the idea that these future Bearkats and family members are always welcomed and encouraged to come enjoy campus.

The day started with a tour from the SAMbassadors, who gladly took the middle schoolers around campus showing them places such as Old Main, the Newton Gresham Library and all that SHSU has to offer its students. After the tour, The Visitor Center at SHSU set a Q&A with a few of their SAMbassadors to help prepare these eager students for there future ahead of them. Questions like “does math get harder in college?” seemed to be a commonly asked and according to Molly Rumfield, on-campus recruitment, the answer was always yes. The middle schoolers did get to spend 15 minutes in a lecture to help them understand how classes in college function, and actually gain experience in a lecture hall.

To conclude the 6th graders day at SHSU, they headed over to Old Main where the enjoyed lunch and the cookies of course. SHSU considers this program to be a  success in reaching out to the community, and hopes to continue to impact these young lives in the future. As always we look forward to seeing these faces again as fellow Bearkats!

Photos by: Dharmesh Patel

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