To Be or Not To Be: Valentine’s Day Bliss (A.K.A. Treat Yo Self)

Love is in the air. Can you smell the roses?

The history of Valentine’s Day is very interesting. The legends are built off history and myths. There are those that celebrate the day with blissful romance and others that loathe it. Although it is nice to share this day with the love of your life, you don’t have to get your panties in a bunch.

This list will boost your momentum with ideas of alternatives on Valentine’s Day. We are not always in love and we are not always in the romantic mood, so when the day comes and we are mandated to buy chocolates and bears to show our love; not all the time do we feel like it.

Spending time with you first love. Your mother deserves a little appreciation too. She has been here for you when no one else was. She birthed you, cared for you, and probably still cares for you. Endless amount of laundry cannot compare to the bond you share so why not rekindle it. Take your mom out to dinner and buy her those chocolates. A bottle of wine and you are now the favorite kid again (this is if you have siblings).

Plan a spa day for yourself. Unwind and pamper yourself at an exclusive salon and spa that will cater to your every need. Book yourself a room with a fine pair of strong hands and get a deep tissue massage. You need it and are probably well overdue for some relaxation anyway.

Plan a weekend with the girls (or the boys). Go out on the town or stay in for a marathon of favorite movies. Having a paint party is another way to keep a single gal focused. Paint your nails pink and red with your favorite girls. Manicures and pedicures are an awesome way to bond. So paint away and love the people you spend the most time with.Go to happy hour have a nice dinner and even exchange gifts. We often forget our friends are there for us during the crying sessions because he cheated or will not call; and even more so when you are happy and can’t stop loving him. Believe in your friends and have an awesome weekend with some spontaneously-planned fun.

Go buy that awesome steak and lobster. Find a recipe, buy some wine, and mellow out with some relaxing tunes. Prepare your own dinner and bask in the independence of being a single bachelor or bachelorette. This is your day to love yourself. We cannot love anyone or offer anyone any part of us until we are familiar with the love that we have for ourselves. That is when we have leveled up. Treat yourself for once.

If you have kiddos you have no excuse. They are the ultimate Valentine’s. Treat your kid to flowers, cards, and candies that show you love them more than they know.

The best way to celebrate is all up to you. Enjoy yourself and the day because it’s only once a year. In addition, remember we do not have to wait until Valentine’s Day to show someone we love them. There are 365 days a year pick one and roll with it.

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