Kehlani and her Track “Distraction”

Kehlani, a new R&B artist, has been grabbing the attention of many new listeners this year.

She is best known for her stunning appearance and adoringly soulful voice.

Her song “Distraction” is included in her new album “SweetSexySavage” that was released Jan. 27. “Distraction” is worth listening to as it defines her as an artist. Kehlani’s charming looks and honest lyrics compliment her R&B image, and “Distraction” mirrors a sexy attitude, honest statements, and is quite simply pleasant to listen to.

In the song “Distraction”, her unique voice reflects the sexy attitude the artist possesses. Her alluring personality is apparent through her music, but the entertaining qualities are most easily appreciated by focusing on her voice. Like a serenade, she flourishes in her talent, capturing a feeling through clean, smooth vocalization. This attraction will have even more listeners coming as she creates more music with her voice as an anchor. While the song is about her opposition to distractions, namely a personal relationship, she is proposing one with her fans on the track.

Her fans can naturally relate to this specific song “Distraction”. It is a common insight into the mind of a woman. With most of her music, I suppose this linkage is her goal. As Kehlani repeats the question “Do you wanna be a distraction baby?” She sets up her audience into a world of reaction, knowing what she is going for and not wanting to mess it up. Like many woman, she has her own mind and thoughts, distinguished between an unassertive girl and a self-assured woman. She keeps this in mind when singing and I think it is an effective illustration.

Kehlani is known for her honest lyrics about love and life, and the intersection of the two. The song “Distraction” is an amusing thought bubble of the sensual artist. She is wanting attention by a lover yet wanting them to keep their distance. Although this may be confusing to some, many young ladies may understand and relate to this, like much of her other music. She is caught up in her vibe, wanting time but not the relationship. A relatable situation today, how simple can it get? Kehlani is to the point with her lyrics and a good one at doing so.

Overall, Kehlani’s songs gives her audience a comfortable sound, and an image of an ordinary woman going through common situations. Her song “Distraction” is just one sample of her stunning profile. Her album SweetSexySavage is completed with her R&B personality. Although she is rising up in the music industry, through her music, Kehlani lets her fans know there is truth to her and that truth will continue to be a part of her work

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