The Case for a Government Overthrow

Since Donald Trump took office on Jan. 20, the U.S. has been in turmoil. Protests have happened every day. When other nations have had authoritarian regimes, our nation has helped rebels overthrow the government. It’s time for that to happen here.

Trump ran on his promises of building a wall Mexico would pay for and a Muslim ban. Say what you will, but Trump has kept his promises. The Muslim ban caused wide-spread chaos, confusion and anger. Trump’s treatment of President Enrique Peña Nieto has caused Mexico to initiate a boycott of exports to the US. The Washington court of appeals held up the ruling of a Seattle judge who put a hold on Trump’s Muslim ban on the grounds that it is unconstitutional. Trump promises to fight it to the Supreme Court.

Trump has effectively bullied his way to the White House and promises to destroy the lives and careers of anyone in his way. He has condemned judges, Legislatures and Nordstrom, among other retailers for dropping Ivanka’s clothing line. Many think Trump is a billionaire who gets the lower class and wants to improve their lives. The lack of logic in this thinking is alarming. Trump doesn’t care about you, he doesn’t care about Melania or his children, he only cares about money. He will bleed the American people dry and get even richer doing it.

Bill Clinton was nearly impeached for lying to the American people. Trump doesn’t tell the truth, but is allowed to say whatever he wants. In addition, we also have a Republican congress which will do anything to make Trump happy. Trump will not be impeached, so it’s time for American’s to come together and fight back and overthrow the government.

This would not be easy, we have a constitutional democracy and this would go against that. However, our country was established as a nation for and by the people, which is not the case anymore. Today, the only people with power, especially in Trump’s cabinet are among them. The powerful today are almost always part of the one percent of Americans who hold 99 percent of the wealth. To overthrow one percentage of the nation with the rest of it would be easy if everybody were on board.

Some of the military strongly oppose Trump as well. Many say Trump’s America is not the one they signed up for. Trump did not even get the majority of voters with Clinton receiving nearly 3 million more votes. For this to be a nation for all, we must all have the same voice, one person, one vote. Today though, the rich have much more power with their vote. Despite Trump’s cries that widespread voter fraud took place, there was no evidence on Clinton’s side. Interestingly, several Midwestern voters were arrested for attempting to vote twice. Steve Bannon, Trump’s chief strategist, his daughters Tiffany and Ivanka and his son-in-law Jared Kushner are all registered to vote in multiple states. For Trump to attack the legitimacy of our elections and democracy shows that this is a government which cannot function.

For a government overthrow to work, many nations would need to back us, and we would need the military on board, the largest in the world. We would need a good replacement and essentially a complete overhaul of the congress and judiciary. We would possibly need to write a new constitution or amend it to ensure no one like Trump could ever rise again. Most importantly, we would need to obliterate the Electoral College and instate a direct democracy, where the popular vote is the only that matters.

What would this new government look like? Hopefully it would be a government that works for everyone. We would regulate the rich and establish a much better and effective healthcare system where someone could get help without worrying about money. Education would be the first priority, with higher education being a right to all and cost free. We would ensure that all would be taken care of, the poor could be liberated from poverty, all races would be equal and accepted, and all religions would be on the same equal level.

This may sound fantastical and idealistic, but the government now is not safe for anyone. With aggression towards allies and treats of nuclear obliteration, we all should fear, and fight Trump. Ideally, we will see Bernie Sanders and President Obama storming the capital in a tank, placing the victory flag, and ridding the U.S. of this regime.

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  1. Susan Copersino Hayes

    This is the most ridiculous article I have read to date and it is so sad that this is what our college students are putting in print. These are the kids that are out there destroying peoples property and rioting, yes rioting, not protesting over things they have no idea about. Overthrow the government, what a crazy thing to say, we should have done that during Obama's regime. Please go back to class.

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